Countdown to Kickoff
Q&A with Kevin Norwood

Dec. 29, 2013 What are your thoughts on New Orleans so far?
Norwood: It's been great. Just being here with the team and spending my last college football games with these guys has been great. I've just been getting to know a lot of the new players. I've just been spending time with them, letting them know the 'do 's' and 'don'ts', places not to go, and other stuff like that. We're just going to go out and have fun and come away with a victory. It's all business. Describe the mentality that you and AJ have.
Norwood: It's really important for us to go out with a bang. We came in here together. We spent five years here - five long, hard years - and it's important to us to go out with a bang and finish our year strong. When you came to Alabama, did you imagine that you would have this much success over your career?
Norwood: I definitely did not. I knew coming here that we would win a few games and hopefully one national championship, but to win three and just be a part of those has been a blessing. It's something I can take to heart. If I ever have any kids, I can bring them back and tell them this is what I accomplished. Anything can happen if you put your mind to it. How has practicing in the Superdome been?
Norwood: I think everyone's excited. We're finally here. The season is counting down, with only four more days for us. Everybody's ready to play and get prepared. What are the keys to the game for you personally?
Norwood: I just want to play my best game ever. I'm just going to go out and play fast, block well, run the right routes, and catch everything coming my way.