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Independence Bowl: Post Game Quotes



Alabama Football
2006 Independence Bowl
Alabama vs. Oklahoma State

Interim Head Coach Joe Kines
“I’d like to congratulate Coach (Mike) Gundy and their team.  They lost four games this year on the last play and this one came down to the last play.  This loss is my fault.  I take full responsibility for it.  Those youngsters did everything that we have asked them to do for a month.  They went to class. They got eligible. They worked hard to try to get better. They played their heart out.  We knew it was going to be a 60 minute game at halftime.  We knew it was going to go down to the wire.”

 “(Oklahoma State) did a good job with the inside running game.  They kept us off balance.”

“I’d like to thank the staff, what a tremendous job they did.  What a tremendous job the staff did getting us to this point.  I’d like to thank Coach (Mal) Moore and Dr. (Robert) Witt for giving us the opportunity to do this.  You know Moses wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and never made it to the promise land.  But God did let him get up on the mountain and let him see it.  It’s a nice view, a nice view.”

I don’t know where we are going from here.  I’ve got no clue.  There is a champion in that (locker)room.  They are good young players and they are going to work hard.  Alabama is important to them and the university is important to the state.  Don’t believe all that junk about too much expectation.  That’s what’s wrong with the world anyway.  People just settle for average and we don’t settle for average at Alabama.

#28 Javier Arenas, punt returner
“(The punt return) was a turning point in that we were down by two touchdowns and we needed some type of momentum, something to get us going.  We didn’t have that at the time for the offense or defense.  The punt return gave us a little motivation, a little momentum.  Then the offense started to do what they usually do, throwing the ball and then the defense did what they usually do, shut people down.”

#2 Simeon Castille, defensive back
“They just made plays.  They have playmakers all over the field, linebackers, two wide receivers and a good quarterback.  Their coaches did a good job of calling plays.

#14 John Parker Wilson, quarterback
“We moved the ball pretty good today.  We had 18 first downs.  There wasn’t a play call that I questioned all night.  We threw a lot of different looks at them play wise and personnel wise.”