Countdown to Kickoff
Alabama Quotes: 12-26 Football Practice



2006 Petro Sun Independence Bowl
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Alabama practice quotes

Joe Kines, Interim Head Coach

Opening Statement
“It has really been a great week for our players. There have been some great events this week for our players to go to. The FCA breakfast this morning was really good. Both teams did a great job with that. It has been a great week and the only thing left now is to take a team picture and play the game.”

On attitude of team
“Today is a great day. The sun is shining and we have a chance to play. This team has made the most of what we have. That is all you can ask of young people. You have to go out there and work hard and play hard, they have done that. We haven’t asked them to do one thing they haven’t done.”

On injuries
“We have been really lucky there. We hit it pretty hard back home early on. They did a nice job, They hit good and played hard. Everybody is on schedule to play.”

On Oklahoma State
“They have several players on both sides of the ball that are as good as anybody we have played. They could come into the Southeastern Conference and compete. I don’t think there are that many differences between the two conferences. I think they are well-coached. I really think Mike and his staff has done a really great job. They are doing some things offensively that as they progress this team is going to be really good. It is a good staff and I have had the opportunity to know some of those guys. They have good people and they are doing it the right way.”

On defensive gamplan
“We aren’t going to do too much different. We will try to get off the ball, run to the ball, keep them in front of us and try to get a little heat on the passer. It is not rocket science.”

Jeremy Clark, senior defensive tackle

On Oklahoma State’s offense
“This is by far the best offense we have seen all year. They do a good job of doing what they are supposed to do as far as running the ball, passing the ball, the offensive line. They are good at what they do. For us to have a chance to win, everybody has to go out there and play hard and focus.”

On Oklahoma State’s option
“We are ready for it. The quarterback is very athletic. It just takes everybody playing sound defense and playing their techniques.”

On what Alabama is playing for
“Every time I step on the field with my teammates we try to win. It is a pride factor also. I don’t want to lose my last college football game. We just want to come out and play hard with each other one last time.”

Zach Schreiber, freshman outside linebacker

On showing the other players around Shreveport
“I haven’t had a chance yet. I have been wrapped up with family since it has been Christmas and Christmas Eve since I have been here. Tonight I am going to try and take them out a little bit.”

On challenge for him in this game
“The biggest challenge for me is knowing my assignment and doing my job whenever my number is called.”

On what it is going to be like when he plays in front of hometown crowd
“It is going to be really exciting just because I know I am going to be playing in front of these people I have know my whole life. I have been lucky enough to play in Tuscaloosa in front of all of those people but this is special to come here and play in front of my hometown.”

On attitude of the team
“We are upbeat. We are happy to be here in this bowl. We have a chance to play in a bowl game against a great team like Oklahoma State. It is a great challenge. The team seems like it is really upbeat and focused so I don’t think there is any letdown at all.”

Wallace Gilberry, junior defensive end

On excitement for bowl game
“Without a doubt. I am looking forward to getting up each day and knocking them out. Thursday will come, it will be a field filled with orange and red and it is going to be exciting.”

On Alabama defense
“We are definitely going to man up to them. That is not a secret. It is going to be man-on-man and that is what we want. Someone is going to win.”

On Independence Bowl
“It is wonderful. I have heard so many great things about this city. This is my first time being down here and I love it. The food is great and the people are great.