Countdown to Kickoff
Alabama Enters Final Week of Practice in Tuscaloosa



TUSCALOOSA, Ala.- The University of Alabama football team conducted a spirited two-hour practice on Monday as they began the final week of practice in Tuscaloosa before heading to Shreveport, La. to take on Oklahoma State in the PetroSun Independence Bowl. 

"Now that all the final exams are done all we have is football all day," said interim head coach Joe Kines. "We have them come over in the morning for meeting and then practice. We have plenty of time to watch tape. We can get focused on what the task is at hand. I was real proud of them this morning. We hit it pretty good today. They have worked hard. We ended up with another pretty crisp scrimmage. We will come back out here tomorrow and see if we can't improve the mistakes we find in the tape today." 

The Crimson Tide has been watching film on Oklahoma State since accepting the bowl bid on December 3. Now in the third week of practice, Alabama continues to put together its gameplan for the matchup against the Cowboys. The coaching staff plans on putting the finishing touches on it this week and be ready to go before leaving for Shreveport.

"We have to be done once we get there because after we get there we are not going to have time," said Kines. "It is all going to be done and put in the book before we leave the front door of the building. That has been the plan the last two or three years. Once you get down there you have events to go to and your mind can't concentrate on it so you better have that stuff really iced down before you go. We have done a nice job with that and we are getting closer." 

The Independence Bowl will kickoff at 3:30 p.m. (CT) on December 28. The Crimson Tide will practice again tomorrow before taking Wednesday off. They will finish the week with their final two practices in Tuscaloosa on Thursday and Friday.