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Alabama Eligible for Pontiac Game Changing Performance of the Year Award


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Fan voting during December will determine if Alabama wins $100,000 General Scholarship Contribution from Pontiac

In a match up that saw a combined 900 yards of offense, seven touchdown passes and six turnovers, it was only fitting for the game to be decided in the final moments. With only eight seconds remaining, Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson hit wide receiver Matt Caddell with a 4-yard touchdown pass to put the Tide up 41-38 over Arkansas. Alabama’s fourth touchdown pass of the day was the game winner and earned them a Pontiac Game Changing Performance.

Bama fans voted at and decided that this play was one of this season’s top game-changing performances with the greatest impact on the game, while helping your school earn a $5,000 scholarship contribution from Pontiac.

Now it is up to you to step up and be heard.  Your school can walk away with the ultimate prize, being announced as the Pontiac Game Changing Performance of the Year and earning an additional $100,000 dollar scholarship contribution.

Only your votes can make it happen.  Vote each week at and each week the three schools with the lowest vote totals will be eliminated until the top four finalists are remaining on December 20. Voting for the top four will take us to the BCS Championship game on January 7, where the Pontiac Game Changing Performance of the Year and winner of the one hundred thousand dollars will be announced on FOX.

Remember, you need to vote every week at to help your school advance, or you might hear someone else’s favorite school announced on January 7th.

“The ??Pontiac Game Changing Performance’ program recognizes the most dramatic and crucial moments in NCAA athletic competition,” said Chris Hornberger, Pontiac National Advertising Manager.  “And with the help of the NCAA and our network partners, Pontiac once again is helping fans experience the game as never before by encouraging teams, schools and their supporters to rally together to put their team on top.”

In addition, for the next five weeks one lucky individual, who visits, will win a $15,000 scholarship for them self or their family.  In total, Pontiac will provide $300,000 worth of scholarships to universities and individuals throughout the season.

“Pontiac has created a successful program that has a positive impact academically and athletically. Teams get deserved recognition for their accomplishments and all students have an opportunity to benefit from the general scholarship fund, so it’s a win-win situation,” said Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN GameDay Analyst.

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