Countdown to Kickoff
Crimson Tide Football Team Returns To Practice



TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- The University of Alabama football team returned to the practice field on Saturday with a spirited two-hour workout, which included a 30-minute session of team and individual drills with a majority of the younger players.

Interim head coach Joe Kines was excited to get back work after what seemed like a very long lay off.

"The best thing is that we got to work again," Kines said.  "That was the best thing about it.  It seems like a month, but its only been a week.  The effort we put forth all week long was really good.  (Strength and Conditioning) Coach (Rocky) Colburn did an excellent job keeping things going this week.  All we can do is take care of day to day.  If we handle things one day at time, then this is going to pass. If we sit around a worry about it, then we will slide backwards.  We try hard not to go backwards. Our focus is not to go backwards.  These guys want to go forward."

While Kines was pleased with the work the football team had done gearing up for Saturday's practice, he was also pleased with the results of the two-hour workout.

"We had ourselves a nice little practice," he added.  "We don't who we are going to play or where, so we have no tape to watch.  It was just football 1952, you know.  That wasn't a bad era.  Just tying to get off blocks, get to the ball, throw and catch the ball and run the ball.  We had some pretty nice plays today.  We had a little team work.  We had a little fire and we hope to do it again next Saturday.  By then, we hope to have a better idea of how things are going to unfold."

The Crimson Tide will not know its post-season status until Sunday, December 2, 2006 when the bowl parings are announced, but the most crucial week of the season is coming as dead week and final exams are approaching."

"The most critical thing we have going right now is dead week and final exams," Kines said.  "I don't know how many of ya'll remember what that was like, but it was struggle for me.  Gee whiz.  (Assistant Athletic Director for Academics) Jon Dever is in control this week and when he says they have to go study, they have to go.  It's pretty simple.  I really mean that.  When you sit there and promise that momma that her son is going to get a degree, that is not an idle promise.  It's a fact.  That is all we can control."

Alabama's next scheduled practice is set for Saturday, December 9.