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Press Conference Quotes: Mal Moore



Press Conference Quotes
University of Alabama
November 27, 2006

Mal Moore, Director of Athletics

Opening Statement
“As we announced this morning in a press release, I have informed Mike Shula that he will not be retained as head football coach at the University of Alabama. Mike and his staff took over our program during a trying period four years ago and in a number of ways Mike has been an excellent representative of our program. He personally has displayed impeccable character as both a player and as a head coach. Mike has made tremendous contributions to our program and we will always be grateful for his efforts. He has provided stability through four years of NCAA probation which ends on February 1, 2007. However, we did not make progress on the field this season and have been unable to maintain the positive momentum necessary to return Alabama football to a championship level. We will immediately begin a national search for a new football coach and will seek an individual with a proven record of achievement who can reach the level of excellence that all of us desire.”

On speaking to the players
“I did speak to the players at 12 p.m. today over in the Bryant Academic Center. I visited with them about this decision that was made by myself and the administration of this University. I have asked the players to band together as a team with oneness in their efforts academically, to support each other, to maintain their schedules in the weight room and in workouts. We do feel we have an opportunity for a bowl game. We want the players and our coaches to prepare in anticipation of this game.”

On decision and contract implications
“You are never comfortable with a situation like this. It was a very difficult time for me and a difficult decision without question. His buyout I assured coach that it would be followed to the letter. That his contract calls for and as is in all of his assistant coaches contracts. We will see this through as stated in their contracts.”

On decision after evaluating coach Shula
“After every season we evaluate in all sports. We try to see and dig through the strengths and weaknesses of the program, what needs to happen and what needs to take place. This is the process we have followed there. My responsibility is to report to the president of the University and to make a decision of whether to make a change and we did.”

On when the decision was made
“Through the season you are in full support of your coaches and the players. The players are so important in all of this. There is no question that middle on we talked about the evaluation that is always done at the end of the season, Mike and I did. That was carried out.”

On coaching search
“I can say that I have not talked with any coach regarding this job but that process will begin in the next day or so. We will start forming the list and ranking who we want to go after in what order.”

On if he plans to look at the college or pro level for a coach
“I don’t want to close it out anywhere. It is open and is a national search as I stated earlier. I do want a coach with a proven ability of success that we feel can take us to a championship level.”

On process of his decision
 “I will say that through our process that we talked about from the end of the season on. We talked about earlier that my job was also to do an evaluation. I did meet with the president, chancellor and a couple of our board of trustees late Sunday afternoon and the decision was made. I told coach Shula the first opportunity I had to talk with him.”

Closing Statement
“As we go down this process to locate and secure the coach, I will do so in a low-key manner. The majority of the coaches will be involved in bowl games or in the extended part of their seasons. I respect their ability there to work with their teams. This will take time. Hopefully when you see me again I will be introducing a new coach.”