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Alabama Player Quotes



Nov. 24, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The University of Alabama held its weekly media day on Monday and several Crimson Tide players previewed this Saturday's game against the Auburn Tigers.

Senior safety Rashad Johnson:
On Kodi Burns' running ability:
"He is their second leading rusher. They are going to try to run the ball with him. Even if we stop it they are probably still going to find ways to run the ball with him. We just need to get guys to him and wrap him up and get him on the ground like we would with running backs."

On legacy of Alabama's senior class:
"I really haven't thought about it. I definitely think it will be something great if we continue to finish off the way that we are capable of finishing out the season."

On preparing for Auburn's changes on offense:
"I don't think it's going to be that difficult. We do it one week at a time. Whatever their look is in the recent weeks, then that's what we are going to focus on. I'm pretty sure they are going to do some type of wrinkle or something to get us off balance. It's going to come down to a lot of communication that needs to be done out there on the field. We have a lot of mature players on defense that will be able to help us out and adjust to new things." 

Junior linebacker Cory Reamer:
On Alabama staying healthy throughout the season:
We bought into a system and went through the workouts with intensity. We want to get better every time we work out and we really focused on that. A big change for us is everyone wants to go in and get stronger. That definitely helps out. It's not just the beginning or the off season, it's during the season too. That's a big key to staying healthy the entire season, getting in there and attacking the weights real hard."

On Alabama's linebacker corps:
"Everybody talked about how we lacked depth at the beginning of the year and it was true. We had a true freshman starting. He (Dont'a Hightower was able to step up and play real well for us. He was able to learn the system real early. Now we've kind of grown as a core. We've added some depth to each position. We have guys who can go in and fill in spots whenever we have people go down. Rolando got hurt last game and Prince Hall was able to step in. Earlier in the season we didn't have that as much. We have grown as a unit and been able to feed off each other and play well with each other."

Junior left tackle Andre Smith:
On what winning the Outland Trophy would mean:
"It would mean that hard work and determination that we did as a team helped certain individuals be nominated for certain awards. That's why I give all the success to my teammates helping me and other guys earn the honor to be finalist for certain awards.

On game against Auburn:
"It's just another game. We have to go out and prepare the way we are supposed to. Any college team can win on any given Saturday so that's how we have to view this game. It's a game that's it."

On balancing carries between three running backs:
"I never hear anything about carries. They get equal amount of carries, I think. We are going to block the same way every time. Either one of our running backs, it doesn't matter. They all run hard. They are all going to make cuts and make good plays. We aren't selfish as a team. When one person is doing well we want that person to have the rock until he gets tired then we are going to bring in another person."

Senior quarterback John Parker Wilson:
On best thing that Coach McElwain has done for Alabama's offense:
"I think he's made things simple. I think the offense is the same, it's not less complicated. It's just simpler. For me, we don't have a million things we go through. It's just going out there and throwing to the open guy. It's making things as simple as possible. It's just going out there and playing. The way that he (McElwain) coaches me and the other quarterbacks, it's just less stress."

On how big it would be to get a win over Auburn:
"It would be big. I think that we've said it all year. Each week it's a big week and this week is no different. It's a big game. It's the biggest game we've played of the season, because it's the next game. We are going to take the same approach we've taken all year for every other game we've played. It's going to be nothing more than that."

On legacy of Alabama's senior class:
"I think it's a lot different than the past couple years I've been here. The attitude of the team has changed. The way people go about business, whether it's working out or watching film, it's a lot different. We've gone a long way this season; we just have to finish it now."

On how close the seniors are:
"That's not many guys for a senior class. You can look around the room and you know a lot about them. It's a close group. The smaller the group the closer you are going to be. It's a fun group to be in."

Junior nose guard Terrence Cody:
On hearing about the Alabama-Auburn rivalry:
"I've been hearing it since I got here. Everybody talks about the other games but the main game is the Auburn game. A lot of the guys on the team haven't beaten them since they've been here. It's a real big game for the seniors."

On Auburn's running game:
"They have some good runners. They have some hard runners. Ben Tate runs the ball hard and their quarterback is running the ball well."