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Alabama vs. Auburn: Alabama Player Quotes



Alabama vs. Auburn
November 18, 2007
Player Quotes

Defense Player Quotes

Wallace Gilberry

“It really doesn’t matter what kind of game I had if we don’t win.  I can only do it myself.  I feel like I could have played better and I should have played better to put our team in a position to win.”

“I feels bad.  It feels real bad.  Just for the simple fact that they can say they beat us like that, they can actually put the thumb up.  That thought, I’m kind of incoherent so to speak.  The fact that they can do that, put that thumb up, its hurts really bad.”

“The sky’s the limit.  We need to sit back and regroup, what we’ve been doing all year.  Hopefully we can correct those mistakes and the mistakes we have been making all season and we can regroup and have a great year next year.”

Matt Collins

On mood of locker room after the game:
“Very solemn.  You just can’t really explain it unless you have put in the work we’ve put in and go out there and play like that and put a performance like that out there.  Just very, very solemn.  It takes a real man to keep your head up after something like this.  We worked hard this whole season.  We just have to keep marching on and just keep getting better.”

Auburn offense:
“I don’t really know.  I have to see the tape to watch what happened.  We put some good work in this week.  It seemed to me like we were there we were just missing some tackles.”

Juwan Simpson

“Very disappointed.  When it boils down to it all the other games really don’t matter.  The Tennessee game and Florida and what not.  This is one game that you really want to win.  Since I’ve been here I haven’t won one, so I’m very disappointed.”

On last game at Bryant-Denny
“I was thinking about it in the locker room, its very tough.  I’m sure it will hit me even more in the later days.  There is no coming back regardless if we get a bowl or not.  I’ll never play at Bryant-Denny again.  Its an emotional time for me.  I can’t just say we can move on from this one, it’s different than any other game.  I just have to see whats next for me.”

“Each game it was something different.  It was because of bad turnovers today. That was game changing. It varies from game to game. I don’t think we have played a complete game in a big game. That’s what we were really looking forward to was playing a complete game. At times, we looked great today. At times we didn’t really look so well.”

Jeffrey Dukes

“We felt real good going into the game because we knew we came off of a hard loss. For two weeks, Mississippi State and LSU, we knew we were going to come hard and play hard in this game. We knew they were going to take it to a high level themselves. We just came up short in the end.”

“Defensively, you have got to think about that. Coach puts us in that position everyday. Putting the ball into the short side of the field and stopping them. We just have to come out and just play hard and get a stop, get them to kick a field goal or something. You can’t blame that on anybody. You can’t blame the offense when they are turning the ball over. They are trying to get the ball down the field. You can’t put blame on nobody.”

Jeremy Clark

On going out without beating Auburn:
“I don’t have to tell you how it feels. The whole world knows. That’s a terrible feeling. I can’t explain it. We have never beat Auburn, I just can’t explain it. That’s all I got to say about that.”

Program direction:
“The program is headed in the right direction. We have guys that will come out and give it all they’ve got all year. This program is going up. There is no reason to believe otherwise.”

Bowl game:
“You play football and bowl games are kind of like a reward for hard work. I would love to go to a bowl game. Every team does. I don’t know. I don’t get to make that decision. I can’t tell you either way. I hope we are. We are just going to leave that up to the bowl committee. We are just going to keep continuing to work hard and get better.”

Ramzee Robinson

Never beating Auburn:
“It is surreal. I can’t believe it is actually over. When I say over, I mean college football. It is hard to put into words. In high school, at the end I knew I was headed to Alabama in a couple of months. In the college ranks, you never know where you are going to be drafted. I have never given it any thought. I was always waiting for my time to be up here and now it is actually up. It is surreal. ”

On a bowl game:
“Most definitely, I want to go. I don’t want to end it on this note. I would at least want to have the opportunity to get a W. When you are having a hard time and you want to get a win, you want as many opportunities as you can get. I am hoping that everything works out and we end up going up to a bowl game so I can finish on a better note. It is out of our control. The most control we had on it was winning this game.”