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Auburn Week: Defense and Special Teams Press Conference Quotes



Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator

On Auburn game
“Going in to a game like this, it is easy to get caught up in the hype. Everybody is all buzzing around. When it comes down to it is all about fundamentals. The bigger the game, the more the guy gets off blocks, tackles, covers and runs to the ball is the guy who is going to win. We will try our best this week to really focus on those things going in. If you get all caught up in the hype then you have less time and less energy to devote to what it is going to take to win the game. If you look at any big game and come in and throw the tape in, all the hype is gone. It boils back down to who blocked who and who tackled who and who rushed the passer. The best we can, we are going to try extremely hard this week to think about, talk about and work on those things. That is the best shot we got.”

On defending Auburn like Georgia did
“Every game is different. I have been in this business 40 years and no two games are alike. Nothing carries over. We used to come to the office on Sunday morning for one reason; to see if they were a split-back veer or a wishbone team. Now you come in and it is a whole new set of problems every week. It is like you walk into your office on Sunday morning and there is a box right there that has a zillion pieces in it. You have seven days to put those pieces together and create a picture that you can recognize and the kids can recognize. If you get that box of pieces put together, that week you usually do pretty good and if you don’t that day can be a long day.”

On slow starts on defense lately
“For instance, you take a linebacker who has played 10 games now, it is hard to show him and teach him everything that can possibly happen to him in three practices. Sometimes you just have to learn on the job and that is hard learning. Sometimes you have to fight through that. We have been able to put it together as we go along. In a game like this, you have to come out ready and you have to play every snap.”

On Marcus Carter
“Marcus is doing well. I have been really proud of him. This year has been a big step up for him. He started the year not having accomplished a whole lot, especially what he would have liked to accomplish. Through the spring and through the year he has gotten better. Anytime you get better through the year it is a bonus.”

On Marcus Carter
“The bigger the game, the bigger those things become. You have to find some way to cover, you have to find some way to pressure and you have to find some way to finish that off. In a game like this, you need to pressure the quarterback and you need to cover extremely well. This game is going to boil down to stopping the run and finding a way to come off those blocks and rush the passer on play action passes and third and long.”

On Auburn
“Somebody said a long time ago that you can argue about who is the best team but what matters is how you handle that 60 minutes. For us 60 minutes is going to unfold a lot of different ways. Sometimes it is total chaos and sometimes it is calm and you can see what is happening. This game will be no different. If you can handle that than your whole year will be pretty good.”

Dave Ungerer, Special Teams Coordinator

On Kody Bliss
“He is a really good player. He has been a really good player for three years now. He does a lot of good things back there. He normal punts, he rugby punts, you know he does many things. I don’t know if he had a bad day against Georgia, which everybody has, but he is a good one.”

On Tristan Davis
“He is a good player. He is an explosive guy getting up the field. He does a great job of getting the ball vertical. He is strong and a little bit bigger back there. Those guys who can get vertical and are strong can run through a lot of tackles. On kickoffs it is different than a punt return. He has done an excellent job. He has a lot of big return, not for touchdowns but for 40 or more yards. We are going to have our work cut out for us.”

On P.J. Fitzgerald against LSU
“He had some punts early on that were short that could have turned the field over a little bit more. It didn’t hurt us but maybe we could have got another 10 yards because we were covering good. If we could have got another 10 yards or so it would have been like another first down. I know he is better than that, he just needs to be a little more consistent.”

On Travis McCall
“I continually say that when you look at the tape and see the coverage the tight ends are getting it is remarkable how hard they are covering them with the numbers we are putting up. We did try to get him the ball a little bit more. We tried to get Nick (Walker) in a couple of situations and we couldn’t get it to him. We have some protection and some route-running it just depends on how things are going.”

Simeon Castille

On Auburn game
“I know what is riding on this game for a lot of people, not only the players and coaches but the people you are around every day, people you know that are Auburn fans. I want to send out our seniors on a strong note, I would really love to win the game for those guys. These are the kind of games you come here for. All my life, Alabama has been in my blood, and when you are out there you want to beat those guys and they want to beat you.”

Jeremy Clark

On Auburn rivalry
“You can take it however you want to take it. There is really nothing to be said about this week. Everything is understood. Everyone gets set for a great weekend. The atmosphere is going to be electric. Everybody is looking forward to this game. I’ve got all my friends calling wanting to come to the game. At the same time, don’t get caught up in the hype.  We still are the football players. We are the ones who have to get out on the field and play. We have to get ourselves ready to face a great Auburn team.”

Jeffrey Dukes

On Auburn
“They have beaten us four times in a row, we have to end it. We need to shut down their running backs to win this game.”

Terrence Jones

On Auburn
“It means everything. You win this one then you get bragging rights for the next 365 days. You can pretty much throw the record out of the window. When it comes to this game, you automatically know it’s going to be a hard-fought game. An in state rivalry, you can’t ask for anything else.”

On Saturday’s game
“Me personally, I’m a senior. It’s my last game at Bryant-Denny. For it to be a big time game, you can’t ask for anything else. Last year it was down there and their fans were into it from the start of the game. It kind of had an effect on our play. I think this Saturday everything should turn around and we should have the upper-hand on everything.”

Ramzee Robinson

On Auburn
“This is by far the biggest game. There is so much tradition in the Alabama-Auburn game. I feel like it’s the biggest rivalry game in the country. One of the reasons you come to the University of Alabama is to play in this game. This is a team I have yet to beat in my career, its all on the table. It’s about preparation and going out there and getting a “W”.

Juwan Simpson

On Auburn game
“It is going to be a very important game. We are both coming off a tough loss. I know they are going to be fired up, we have to be as well. We are preparing hard and going to go out and play a good game.”