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Auburn Week: Offense and Special Teams Press Conference Quotes



Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

On offense against LSU
“One of the things that really happened was we made some catches. They had some things they executed and big plays like that light up everybody. We talk about it every week that we can execute better here and there and the guys just had a mind to do it. You would have loved to be with them during pregame and in the locker room. They did an excellent job in preparation and were ready to play.”

On Kenneth Darby’s touchdown reception
“It was great. We were down 14 points. We needed to score a touchdown. We had already missed a field goal. We were driving pretty good and messed up a play. It was great getting K.D. in there.”

On last year’s Auburn game
“We watch some of last year’s game every day. It has to affect you. For quite a few minutes we did not play well. We had our quarterback hit too many times. Those are things that are right there on the video tape and it doesn’t make you feel any better than it did that Saturday. We are very much aware of what happened and we are very much aware of how many sacks they had. We need to figure out what we need to do to correct that so it doesn’t happen again this year. If the quarterback is able to throw the ball we have a better chance of catching it. If we have a better chance of catching it, than we have a better chance of moving the ball. If we have a better chance of moving the ball, than we have a better chance to score. It is a trickle down affect and we have to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

On Alabama-Auburn game
“In 23 years I have learned that this game is like none other. Growing up in Oklahoma, I thought Oklahoma-Nebraska was big and Oklahoma-Texas was big. I was not well-prepared at all for the first time I was in the Iron Bowl. This rivalry is like none other. It is more intense and you have to go through it once before you really understand it. I was taught that the most important game is the next game but there is really no more important game than this game.”

On using what Georgia did well against Auburn
“We try to take whatever we can from everybody. We do as much research as we can. There is something to take out of every team that played Auburn. There are good football coaches everywhere.”

On importance of running game
“I think you see that in almost every SEC game. You have to be able to run the ball and you have to run it effectively. You have a much better chance if you can run the ball. It is of the utmost importance and we need to run the ball better. Somehow, some way we have to make that happen.”

Keith Brown

On his health
“I feel pretty good. Right now I’m just waiting on the word from the head coach and the head athletic trainer. I’m just going through a lot of rehab right now. I’m trying to get better and get back for this football game.”

On making plays
“The team depends on me making plays when I’m out there. They kind of depend on players. DJ (Hall) can’t be the only player that is out there all the time making plays. I know he gets tired sometimes and needs a blow. I feel like when I’m out there with him then I can give him that support of getting his back when he’s tired. It was like that the first half of the football game. He made a few plays here in there. It was just like that for a while. It felt pretty good for both of us, knowing the other person is on the other side doing his thing too.”

Antoine Caldwell

On Auburn
“Its Auburn, we are going to do whatever it takes to get across the goal line. We had a good practice today. We are all on the same page and I think we have a great game plan this week. We really do not have an excuse to go out there and not get it done. We are not really thinking about past games, except for motivational purposes.”

Tim Castille

On upcoming game vs. Auburn
“Right after the game (vs LSU) that’s when we shifted our focus to this game, immediately after. No thoughts about LSU, it was over. This is the game that we have to prepare to win to, not save our season, but at least salvage something from it.”

On Saturday’s game
”It’s going to be a very emotional time for me. Really, it’s Auburn and its going to be the last time playing in the stadium. That’s probably going to be one of the toughest things is walking out of there for the last time.”

Kenneth Darby

On Auburn Game
“I think every game is important. I don’t think there’s one game that makes your season. It’s like certain games have more publicity than other games, but I don’t think one game makes anybody’s season.

On looking for first win against Auburn
“Man, it kind of makes you mad in a way. Every year we probably come close to beating them, but they always end up sticking it out and winning at the end. Being a senior, this is something that you really want to take on your shoulder and really help your team and yourself win this game because this is your last chance. It is either now or never. This is one of the games that I marked down on my calendar when last season was over. I think when we walked off the field from them defeating us last year. I marked in my head and on the calendar that same exact day, the same exact night, that this was going to be a game that I’m never going to forget. This is going to be a game that I can’t wait to play in next year. That day has finally come and I can’t wait to play in it.”

DJ Hall

On health
“I am getting better than I was, fought through it though. I actually did do it on the first play of the game, my luck. My whole arm went numb when I landed on it. It was just painful, but it went away after a while, then a few more plays down the road, landed on it again. That just made it worse. Once I fall on it, it get’s painful. They treat it so good to the point where the pain doesn’t last long, so that’s always a good thing. I can’t sit out this game.”

On John Parker Wilson
“I think the best thing he’s done so far is not try to force anything. If a receiver is not open, just try to force it into coverage, throw it into the middle of the field late and get an interception. He does a good job scrambling when he has to and just throwing the ball away. Living to play another down I think is the biggest thing he’s done. I think he sees in us what kind of ability we have to make plays and he tells us if you got one guy on you, I’m going to throw you the ball because I know you can make plays. With a quarterback like that and with that much confidence, it makes you work harder cause you don’t want to let him down and nobody else on the team, so that is always a good thing.

Le’Ron McClain

On Saturday’s loss
“We just have to put that behind us and get ready for this game. We need to come out ready today in practice. Everybody is down a little bit because it’s a big loss for us.  When it’s the Iron Bowl who cares about the five losses we have.”

On Auburn
“Three years they have on us. They always jump out on us fast and we can’t ever rebound. It’s going to be different this year. They can talk about that four year thing all they want to, but I’m going to be ready come 2:30 Saturday.”

John Parker Wilson

On Auburn
“It’s a big week. You can already feel it coming in here (media room). It’s going to be crazy this week but we’ve got to stay focused.”

On last year’s Auburn game
“Last year when I went in it wasn’t too much of a big deal because we were being beat pretty good. Being on the sidelines and being at the game, really experiencing the whole atmosphere from the sidelines let me really understand what it’s all about.”

On the number of sacks on Brodie Croyle last year
“It was tough to watch. Their defensive line did a really good job. I’m not to worried about that this year the way our offensive line is playing and the way they have responded after the last couple of games. Last week against LSU they played really solid.  That’s very encouraging.”