Countdown to Kickoff
Press Conference: Coordinator & Player Quotes



Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

On attitude of team

“We are really down there is no question about it. Everybody did not expect that outcome of the game. We watched and realized what it was that cost us the win, not only Mississippi State playing well but the mistakes we made. Coach Shula has done a great job of getting us all in a rebound position. He has talked to the team and it has been straight ahead since then with a real positive atmosphere with a bunch of energy.”

On preparing for LSU

“We will try to put together the best possible plan for our unit to move the ball and score points. I am anxious to be around the guys tonight because Sunday night we watched the tape and went through corrections. We went out Sunday night and went right into LSU. We said the previous games were over and done with so let’s go out there and get ready to play LSU.”

On less production from passing game

“I think part of it has been due to Keith Brown being out there. He is one of our playmakers. I think some of it has to do with playing really good defenses. In the Florida International game, John Parker (Wilson) hurt is ankle and we just tried to run out the game. On Saturday drops, poor throws and hurries for sure didn’t help us.”

Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator


“On paper and on film they are about as good of a college offense as you can put on the field. Statistically they are leading the conference in a lot of categories. They are really doing a good job offensively. They have a lot of imagination, a lot of weapons, they have a good system and they have one of the bigger, stronger quarterbacks in the country. Their wide receivers are about as good as you can put together as a group and their offensive line is very, very talented.”

On LSU passing game

“LSU is going to throw the ball down the field about as good as anybody that we have seen. We are going to concentrate real hard on LSU.”

On defending Jamarcus Russell

“It is kind of interesting watching him on tape and you see defensive ends bounce off of him. He does a real fine job of staying in the pocket and finding receivers. He can flip it and throw it 65 yards. A lot of quarterbacks have to double-hitch it, bare back and sling it but he can just flip it. He is an excellent quarterback and we just have to find some way to play some coverage and find somebody to get on him. It is just like every week. The same things win and the same things lose, it is not revolutionary.”

On LSU Wide Receivers

“Sometimes you can load up on one and take away their best guy. They have three that are not only good receivers but they are playing well. It is one thing to have good people but this group is really playing good right now.”

Dave Ungerer, Special Teams Coordinator


“Their kickoff coverage is excellent so we are going to have our hands full in every aspect of the kicking game.”

On Rashad Johnson

“I will know more on his status this afternoon. We are going to look at the guys we have been using back there. DJ Hall and Matt Caddell have been the guys we have worked with and we will probably look at some other guys also to see if we can fortify that situation. DJ has had a lot put on him so we feel we need to find another quality guy to put back there with Javier (Arenas).”

On “Gunner” position

“We used Eric Gray there last week and he did a good job. Today we will work some gunner drills in competitive situations. We will work Eric and a couple of other guys, including Chris Rogers. It is just tough replacing Rashad if he can’t go because he has been such a good job for us in all aspects of special teams.”

Andre Smith

On playing LSU in Baton Rouge

“I am really looking forward to it. I know a couple of guys on the football team. This is what I do, I compete against them. That’s what I am looking forward too. I expect great competition. It’s going to be competitive. We need to go out there as an offensive unit, play hard and make strides towards the victory.”

Terrence Jones

On upcoming game against LSU

“We just need to tighten up our assignments. We made mistakes and we need to go out there and correct them this weekend. We need to improve on the things that need improving, hopefully that will help us in the next couple of weeks.

On LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell

“He does more good things than he does bad things. When the time comes that he does make mistakes, we have to be in the right spot and take advantage of them. If he throws a pass to us, that’s a plus. It will be hard, we have to do our best to try and come out with a win. He will play a major part in how we play in the game.

On playing LSU

“We are wishing for a win. The guys coming in here have never beaten LSU, and it is important that we do our best against them. It’s a matter of pride given that we have not beaten them in a while after playing so well against them.”

Jeffrey Dukes

On playing at LSU

“I went down there once. I don’t remember who was playing, but I think it was Ole Miss. I am not sure because it was a long time ago. It was loud then, so I know that it will be loud when we go down and play.

On Jamarcus Russell

“Yeah, he’s a real big quarterback. I know that if he gets hit, he will not fall. When he runs the ball, he’s a good quarterback and he can move the ball, so we have to keep our heads up and wait for him to throw the ball.

On last game at LSU

“I know that it was more man coverage then we had. They have great receivers and I am not going to downgrade our team. Their fans were cursing us out, but we don’t need to let that bother us, and we need to go out there and play ball.”

Zach Schreiber

On playing against LSU

“I mean, it’s special. I get to see some of the guys that I played with growing up. I get to play against them and in front of a lot of people that I know and who have not seen me play in a couple of years. It’s crazy and it’s a great environment. If you can’t get ready to play down there, than you can’t ever be ready. It’s going to be a special time.”

Jeremy Clark


“It will be the best team we’ve played so far. They look good all around and personally, they’re big and physical across the board, and they have quite a quarterback. Height wise, you can compare him to Erik Ainge, but weight wise, you cannot compare him to anyone. He has a cannon of an arm and he can make any kind of throw. He just makes the offense move. We just need to go out there and have fun and do our very best to win the ballgame.”