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Alabama vs. Mississippi State - Post Game Quotes



University of Alabama vs. Mississippi State University
November 4, 2006 - Bryant Denny Stadium
Post Game Quotes


Head Coach Mike Shula Quotes

“This was just a really tough day. Mississippi State did a nice job. They deserve a lot of credit. First of all our preparation was really good. Our guys busted their tails in practice. We got good field position on the kick return to start the game. We kicked the field goal and it seemed like after doing so many good things, the guys just didn’t have the momentum. Our defense played really well in the second half after giving up too many yards rushing in the first half. We are not where we need to be offensively.”

“We are a better football team than what we saw out there today. We thought we’d be further along by now. It’s my job to get this team where they need to be. You are not going to make good plays all the time. We have to take advantage of opportunities. It takes a team effort every week to win a football game.”

“We had some guys nicked up today. We played Jimmy Johns and Keith Brown in the second half. We kept Jimmy Johns off special teams. At the start it is tough to put a guy in the game that is hurt. We thought with him and Keith, we could have had a spark that could change things up a bit. Rashad Johnson sprained his ankle. He did it on the kickoff. We hope he will be ready for next week.”

“Mississippi State did a good job up front on both sides of the ball. We’ve got to keep working on getting the ball out quicker, protection and receivers getting open quicker.”

“When you look at the results and yardage, it is easy to say we haven’t improved. We’re not getting as many big plays as we had all week. When we really move the ball well, we get big plays from guys.”

“We are down and disappointed. We all know we could have played better today. These guys have worked hard and been great. We are going through some tough times and I’m proud of the way these guys have handled themselves, especially the seniors. We want them to go out on a winning note.”

Alabama Player Quotes

Wallace Gilberry

On sack and fumble in the 3rd quarter:

“When we had our backs against the wall, Coach Kines told us to go out there and make something happen.  That’s exactly what we did.  It wasn’t just me.  We had a great push going on.  He didn’t have time to get the ball where he had to get it.  I got back there and was able to knock the ball out and help our defense and our offense.”

On the difference between first and second half:

“The first half we were just settling down.  We were slow coming out of the box, myself especially.  As the game went on, as always, we picked it up.  At the same time though, a loss is a loss.”

On preparing for LSU:

“Its just going to be all about putting it behind you.  The faster you put it behind you the faster you are going to move on.  Tomorrow we just need to reflect on the things we did wrong and correct them.  Tuesday we need to have a heck of a day.  We need to get ready to go down tot Baton Rouge and take care of business down there.”

John Parker Wilson

“We didn’t play well enough to win.  They won more plays than we did.  Our defense kept it close, but we didn’t make the plays we needed to make to win.”

On offensive performance:

“We are struggling right now.  We are having some problems, but we have two games left.  We are going to have to correct all our mistakes.  We moved the ball pretty well.  At times we looked like we had a spark going, but then something happened and we didn’t execute.” 

On scramble that ended second half:

“We ran it on the right side with the three guys.  They had covered the first two options and I felt like it was time to go.  I saw an opening and I thought it could get in there.  It was close.  I don’t know whether it was in or not but it was close.  I felt like I had a good chance to get it in there.”

DJ Hall

“We run a lot of plays that set me up to get open.  I’m trying to go out and be as big a part of the offense as I can. I try to make as many plays as I can. When we aren’t doing something right, moving the ball like we are supposed to or passing the ball, it’s upsetting.”

“We are a good team no matter what our record shows. Nobody has come out and just beaten us, it’s always been close. I’m trying to throw close out the door and get a win. I hate losing. Sooner or later, we have to eliminate close and win, plain and simple.”

Mississippi State Head Coach Sylvester Croom:

“First, I’m so thankful for having this opportunity. As I was riding over here today, I was thinking what a blessed person I am to have grown up here in this town and gone to school right across those tracks over there and have a chance to play at the University of Alabama and to have an opportunity to come back here and coach a Mississippi State football team and then have a chance to win. It was nothing but short of a miracle. For anyone out there that doesn’t have the faith or belief that there is a God, if they are looking for miracles, they are looking at one. I am thankful for our football team that has kept the faith in themselves and continued to fight despite all of the adversity that they have gone through this year. I am especially proud of the second half. I know you probably wonder why I say that, because when you play Alabama, that second half is coming. The onslaught is coming. The fight back in the fourth quarter is coming. That’s the pride they have in those crimson jerseys. I know because I wore one. We have that same pride in that maroon jersey now. So from here, we get better and that’s what it’s been about the whole time. Having some pride, having some guts, and that word we throw around all the time, character. You don’t win today without it. So that’s what we have at Mississippi State, character. And we are going to continue to have character. We may bring some guys into the program that may make some mistakes at times, but character and discipline will always be the emphasis of our program, and that’s what’s going to lead us at some point to being one of the better programs in this conference.”

Mississippi State Player Quotes:

# 89 Jamayel Smith, Wide Receiver

On Coach Croom

“Before the game he knew we could do it.  It was just about us believing and that’s what he’s been stressing the whole time, just believe.”            

# 7 Michael Henig, Quarterback

On Second Half 

“The Georgia game, that was a game that we lost by three points; same with the Kentucky game you know that game hurt us.  Coming off that, it showed that we can play with anybody in the SEC.  Coming to play Alabama in their home stadium, that says a lot.”

On Playing in home state

“To come home and play in front of a lot of people that I know, I know a lot of people that go to Alabama, so I’ll be able to call them tonight and talk to them a little bit.  But for me to come home and play and throw two touchdowns, and we’ve got a lot of guys from Alabama and we came and played hard.”

On responding to Alabama’s first score

“It was a big time in the game for us. For us to be able to come out and respond to their points, we had to do it and we came out and we said we were going to do it on the sideline, and we came out and did it.”

# 54 Titus Brown, Defensive End

On ability to stop Alabama offense

“We knew going in that Alabama was a good hard nosed offense, kind of like our offense. We knew that we had to play physical.  We outplayed them today and we out hit them and that’s why we came out with the victory.”

On Pass Rush

“Those tackles are pretty good; we just had to find a way to win.  We had to run a couple twists here and there to confuse them, and then we came back with one-on-one pass rushing.  I was just blessed that I was able to make a play for us.”

#24 Anthony Dixon, Running Back

On his Performance

“We knew that coach Croom wanted this bad.  So all this week I’ve been making up my mind that I’m going to go out there and run super hard. And we had heard some comments from over there on their side, and Coach Croom was real upset about that.  Coach Croom keeps the faith in us whatever we do, no matter what we do he still lets us know where we’re at, and we never get down on ourselves.  So I just wanted to run super hard for him.”