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Catching up with BJ Stabler


ROLLTIDEDOTCOM recently caught up with BJ Stabler, a starter on the Tide’s offensive line. The Grove  Hill, Ala. native shared what life after football might hold for him and the outcome of a BJ Stabler-Wallace Gillberry arm-wrestling showdown. It was a great win against Tennessee two weekends ago, you guys did a great job protecting John Parker. Talk about what the offensive line did in that win and how you were able to come together.

BJ Stabler: We just got the offensive line together and let each other know that we trust each other and we’re here for each other. Some of the guys weren’t there, but they were still there in spirit. They really want us to win. We just felt like we needed to play as a team more since some of the guys weren’t there, and we knew we needed to come together since they were gone. You’ve been around the program for a while, talk about what it’s been like with coach Saban on board and the difference he’s made with this program.

BJ Stabler: The difference he’s made is he teaches you a lot about life also. It’s not just about football; it’s a lot about football, but it’s not just about football. He gets you ready for life outside of football once you get done so by the time you get out in the real world and get a job or get ready to move on to the next level, he has you prepared for both of them. Talk about what you do in your spare time, any hobbies, or what you do away from football.

BJ Stabler: In my spare time, I pretty much do school. I love going to the Well, which is like a worship service on Wednesday and Thursday night at Calvary Baptist Church. On Monday nights I love going to FCA. It’s one of my biggest things that I love going to when I’m not around football. Talk about what you want to do after football when you leave the field.

BJ Stabler: “I have no idea. There are so many things that I could do. I love dealing with people and just leading by example letting kids know or people know what I’ve been through since I’ve been here and just help them move on with life.  I just want to make other people’s lives better just by showing what I’ve been through so they won’t have to go through those hard times. Even though everyone’s going to go through hard times, you can get through it and that’s what I’d like to share with other people.” Finally, who would win in an arm wrestling match between you and Wallace Gilberry?

BJ Stabler: Me! Not even close. I’d kill him. It wouldn’t even be close. It would take about five seconds.