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Miss. State Game; Press Conference Player Quotes



University of Alabama Football Post Practice Quotes 
October 31, 2006

John Parker Wilson

On his ankle:

“My ankle felt pretty good, our practice schedule was normal, I did not sit out any reps and we did not change anything. I was able to do a lot of roll outs and sprint outs and it felt really good today. I did not to expect it to fell this good already but I have spent a lot of time rehabbing and in the training room getting treatment.” 

On Mississippi State:

“They have a good secondary,  they have about eight guys returning from last year and they are a good team, they are going to play hard against us so we are preparing this week for that. “

Tim Castille

On Mississippi State’s Defense:

“They are good, their front seven and defensive line is real good. I was only able to play against them my freshman year, I tore my knee up in my sophomore year and last year my ankle was hurt. They are a hitting team I know that.”

Marlon Davis

On Mississippi State’s Defensive Line:

“They are going to be a very physical team, they are going to attack us hard and come off the ball. They have big strong defensive linemen. We are going to have to play our best and come off the ball nice and low against that physical front. They always play us very hard, we just have to keep working hard in practice and get better every day.”

Simeon Castille

On the Mississippi State Offense:

“They are throwing the ball a lot, they have some big receivers that can catch the ball and there quarterback is a whole lot better that he was last year. We are going to have to be on our A game they are going to come in here ready to play. We are going to have a good week of practice getting ready for them. Its going to be a very physical game as it has been in the past and I do not expect any less this year.”