Countdown to Kickoff
A Message from Tide Head Coach Dennis Franchione


Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Dear Crimson Tide Fans:

We're going deep on this play. Are you ready? It's time to run up the score. Here's the call:

Build the weight room.

Your $120 will do it. And it's not just for football. We have the blueprints for the most spectacular and functional strength and conditioning center in college athletics. Every team that wears the Alabama Crimson and White will have state of the art equipment and a futuristic environment to work out in.

The Crimson Tradition capital fund drive is well underway. You may be aware of donations in the thousands, even millions. Those will build buildings and stadium additions. That's not what we need from you. We need $12 dollars a month. Specifically for the weight room.

I've talked it over with Mal Moore, our A.D., and other coaches. Through, we can target the grass roots donor - you - to turn that piece of the architect renderings into reality.

We'll do it together in the same method we use with the football team: one play at a time, doing just your job. The players hear it from us every day - the most important play is the next one.

The next play: Build the weight room. One floor tile at a time. One ceiling tile at a time. One square yard of carpet at a time. One window pane at a time. Doing just your assignment.

We can do it by Christmas if you will join now. Go to and click on Join the Team in the upper left. Your dreams are our dreams; to win National Championships for the Crimson Tide - so help us do just that.

Here's what you get (and what you've been missing): Exclusive video footage inside the dressing room before the game, at halftime, and after the game. "Inside the Walls" reading about game preparation, post-game assessments from the assistant coaches, and life around the football team.Video of my weekly press conference on Tuesday and my TV highlight show on Sunday.

You'll get the same kind of exclusive, inside information and video from basketball, baseball, gymnastics, and all the other sports throughout the year.

You've heard the call. Now go execute your assignment.

Roll Tide!

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