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Nick's Kids teams up with Monday Morning Quarterback Club to Benefit Children's Hospital

ROLLTIDEDOTCOM Nick and Terry Saban started Nick's Kids more than a decade ago.
Nick and Terry Saban started Nick's Kids more than a decade ago.

Oct. 26, 2009

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Nick and Terry Saban announced a $250,000 contribution to Children's Hospital of Alabama from the Nick's Kids Fund, the Sabans' charitable foundation, during today's Monday Morning Quarterback Club meeting.

"We have always supported Children's Hospital here and we just decided to make a long-term commitment to it relative to the Quarterback Club here in Birmingham because this is something they have supported very strongly," Nick Saban said. "This is one of the reasons we have always been a part of the Birmingham Quarterback Club at some point during the year."

Terry Saban told the gathered crowd at the Harbert Center that the Saban family would donate $200,000 over the next five years to the club's main charity, the Crippled Children's Foundation. Nick Saban then stood and announced a $50,000 increase to the pledge, bringing the total to $250,000.

"We were obviously pleased with the original pledge," says Bill Pradat, 2009 Captain of the Monday Morning Quarterback Club. "We're even more thrilled with this additional $50,000."

Through the Crippled Children's Foundation, the MMQC has donated more than $18 million for children with medical needs since its inception. Last year the Club was able to pledge $8 million to Children's Hospital alone. That donation, at the time, was the largest single gift ever given to Children's Hospital.

The Sabans started Nick's Kids more than a decade ago, when he was head coach at Michigan State. Their charitable work continued when the family moved to LSU, and then to Miami. Since Nick and Terry Saban came to Tuscaloosa in 2007, more than $1 million in donations has been distributed to 150 charities across Alabama and the surrounding region.

"Nick's Kids is all about the kids and helping young people who need help especially in the health-care area is certainly something that we are always going to be committed to," Saban said.

The Monday Morning Quarterback Club, one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the state, champions the causes of kids all over Alabama who have medical needs. Out of the thousands of football clubs in the United States, the Birmingham-based group is believed to be the only one with a primary mission of giving money to organizations who help children.

"The State of Alabama loves its football, but we also care very deeply about our children," Pradat said. "We think this partnership between Nick's Kids and the Monday Morning Quarterback Club is a wonderful opportunity to team up to help kids in our state and region... and everyone wins."