Countdown to Kickoff
Tide Players Talk Abut Tennessee Game



Oct. 20, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Members of the Crimson Tide football team share their thoughts on the Alabama-Tennessee game this Saturday in Knoxville.

Senior quarterback John Parker Wilson:
On Tennessee game last year:
“We played really good last year against them. We were able to put up a lot of points. We know that this year is going to be different. They are really good on defense. It’s going to be different this year I think. We are going to have to step up and play well.”

On Alabama-Tennessee rivalry:
“I think everyone knows the rivalry and the history that goes along with playing Tennessee. It’s the same with Auburn. It’s kind of like the same atmosphere. People around here take this game seriously. It’s a big game and it’s definitely a big game for us. We know that and they know that. It makes everything go quicker. It puts a bigger price on everything.”

On crowd noise:
“Everywhere is loud. It just kind of depends on how the game is going. LSU a couple years ago when we went down there, it was pretty loud. If you get out and get a lead then it won’t matter. Last year I think we had the two minute drive and it was tough to communicate in the huddle. It’s something that I know a lot better now. I know how to communicate with the guys. Especially going into it, you can kind of practice it. When I was a sophomore I didn’t know what to expect. I think I’m more prepared now.”

Junior cornerback Javier Arenas:
On the impact of losing Terrence Cody:
“The impact is obvious. I don’t think losing him will be so obvious on the field because we have a guy stepping in that’s just as capable. He’s a tad bit smaller but I think it really won’t be different. We would love to have Cody in there as any team in the country would. We just have to adapt and play our game.”

On Rashad Johnson getting an interception:
“You could definitely tell the difference in his attitude. He’s always been positive. Before, he was Rashad and doing his thing but after he was a tad bit more excited. We couldn’t shut him up. Don’t tell him I said that though, he’s got my back in cover two.”

Senior defensive end Bobby Greenwood:
On Tennessee game:
“I have gotten a lot of phone calls. It’s just another game though. We take it and focus in the defensive line. We have to make sure we protect our quarterback more this week.”

On stopping Mississippi’s offense:
“They had a lot of different formations and we just had to read our keys and expect anything out of them like the trick play. We just have to take it a play at a time. If they made a big play we just had to get out there and get a stop on the next one.”

On second half troubles:
“We work too hard in the off season to not do what we need to do. We just have to finish. I think that’s a big difference from last year. We are a lot more conditioned and we just have to focus our mindset.”

Junior left tackle Andre Smith:
On injury that Terrence Cody suffered that he suffered early in the year:
“The main thing is the pain after the fact. We have a great training staff here and they do an outstanding job. I think he’ll be back fast like I was.”
On Terrence Cody lining up on offense:
“It was exciting. I was happy for him. For him to run behind me, (John Michael) Boswell, Mike (Johnson) and Travis (McCall), that is a lot of weight on one side. It was fun. I enjoyed it. He’s pretty agile being that big.”

On second half struggles:
“It’s been us being complacent and looking at the scoreboard. Things like that have been it. We get complacent and say ‘We are up by this many points so the defense is going to hold them’ and sit back and not go as hard. It starts in practice for us. We just have to go hard the entire time.”

Sophomore nose guard Josh Chapman:
On replacing Terrence Cody:
“I guess my job is just to try to bring the same thing that he brought to the table. He brings a lot of energy out there. He’s a funny guy. I guess I can throw a couple jokes out there to try to help the team. I can’t jump on a pile like he did. He was like a little frog out there, or a big frog.”