Countdown to Kickoff
Catching up with Brian Selman



When did you become a long snapper?  When did you pick it up?
“I’ve been snapping since the 7th grade, ever since then.  I don’t really know how I picked it up.  We had a try-out one day at 7th grade practice and I was the guy who had the most success at it and I’ve been doing it ever since then.”

What do you do during practice?  Anything other than snap?
“Other than snapping not really.  Mostly I just do drills working on rotation and ball protection.  We do stuff like that to just make sure we are fundamentally sound by the time we get out on the field on gameday.”

The snapper from the Houston Texans recently snapped a ball into a shopping cart 25 yards you think you could do that?
“I’ve never tried a shopping cart trick but I can hit a doorknob from 15 yards away.”

What is your dream FB play?  Getting a hit on coverage...scoring a touchdown?
“Either to make a hit or to have somebody make a hit and the fumble bounce up to me and run into the end zone and somersault over the goal line.”

What do you do off the field, hobbies, etc.?
“I hang out with my buddies.  Whatever they want to do.  I’m a huge baseball fan.  I could sit down and watch nine innings of any game.  I could do that pretty much any day of the week.”