Countdown to Kickoff
Catching up with P.J. Fitzgerald



How long have you been a punter?  When did you pick it up?
“I’ve been a punter since I started playing football when I was eight years old.  I played flag football and my dad was the coach so there wasn’t anybody that could punt I started punting.  I played quarterback and running back.  It was a rec league so I played a lot of positions.”

Punters and kickers in general sometimes get a lot of grief...we were wondering what exactly a punter does during practice?
“All the players look over to the specialist field and we are just over there doing drops, leg swings and tapping the ball to each other while they are like running full speed at each other.  That’s why we get grief but that’s all we can do.”

What is your dream play?  Getting a hit on a punt return, scoring on a fake?
“My dream play would definitely be scoring a touchdown.”

You got the chance to run the ball on you think you’ll get that chance again?
“Hopefully.  The coaches always look for weaknesses in blocking schemes in punts or fieldgoals.  Hopefully they will see some soon we can run another fake.”

What do you do off the field, hobbies, etc.?
“I just hang out and relax.  I love watching TV and I love eating.  Sometimes I go over to a friend’s house and play ping-pong.”