Countdown to Kickoff
Tide Players Focused on Rebels



Oct. 13, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The University of Alabama football team held its weekly media day on Monday. Juniors Javier Arenas, Glen Coffee, Lorenzo Washington and Terrence Cody, along with senior John Parker Wilson, talked about Saturday's upcoming Southeastern Conference game against Mississippi.

Junior cornerback Javier Arenas
On the bye week:
 "You are able to get rested up and clear your mind. You are recuperating. It's halftime basically and the second half of the season is coming up. It's about being well rested."

On watching games on Saturday:
"I didn't watch any. I watched my brother's (Armando Murillo is a senior cornerback at Nebraska) game. I got to see the second half of that one. Of course, I saw the results. Like I said from the get-go; it doesn't make any difference to us. I wasn't trying to think about football. I wasn't really processing that and seeing where that puts us."

On Ole Miss:
"We saw a little bit of them when we were in Georgia. We saw a little of that Florida game. We've been watching film. They like to confuse people and they do a good job of it. That's going to be a major factor. We have to focus and do what we have to do to be successful and going out there and taking care of it."

Junior running back Glen Coffee
On his bye week:
"It was good. We got a chance to relax and think about things we can do to improve and help the team. It was definitely good. I got to lay down on the couch for a little bit. I did a couple things but for the most part just relaxed."

On watching games as a player or a fan:
"(I watched) more as a player. It's hard to watch it as a fan. You look at it as a player. You look at your position and think about what they could have done better. You just critique the other guys."

On Ole Miss:
"They are just a tough team. They are usually well coached and they play hard. They are physical. You have to be assignment sound. You have to be on your game when you are playing Ole Miss."

Junior nose guard Terrence Cody
On Ole Miss' offense:
"My role is just to hold down the middle. They do a lot of trick plays and counters. They get the defense going one way then they cut back the other way. My job is to hold down the middle and keep the linebackers free."

On expectations for himself at the start of the season:
"My expectations were just to stop the run. Be a big impact on the team. Help the team win games and help the defense out."

Senior quarterback John Parker Wilson
On watching the games Saturday:
"I watched a little bit. I got kind of bored there toward the end, football all day long. It's a lot different playing than it is to just sit there. I had to get up and move. I couldn't sit there all day and watch football."

On Ole Miss:
"What they are doing from last year is like night and day. So, everything that we had going last year, we have to throw out the window and start new. They have new guys who are going to do new stuff. We have to prepare and get ready for them this week."

On Greg Hardy:
"He's a good player. Their whole defense, their safeties and linebackers, are good. I really remember Patrick Willis from my sophomore year. They have a good defense. They showed that against Florida. We have to come ready to play."

Junior defensive end Lorenzo Washington
On preparing for Ole Miss' offense:
"We've been practicing for it. We've actually practiced for it a couple times this year because it's becoming a popular formation for a lot of teams in the conference and teams across the country. We also have experience because we played against it. Not against Ole Miss but against Arkansas last year when Coach (Houston) Nutt was there."