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University of Alabama vs. Duke
October 7, 2006
Bryant Denny Stadium
Postgame Quotes and Notes


University of Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula Quotes

“We got a win. If anyone ever talks about ??ugly wins,’ then this was probably one of them. We didn’t play well in the first half. We didn’t stop the run as well as we usually do. We missed some tackles. We had some penalties on offense. We came in at halftime and regrouped. We worked hard at practice not to play like this. We got our mind right. It was good to see our defense come out in the second half and get some turnovers. We made more plays at the end and got some more touchdowns. Kenneth Darby played well in the 2nd half. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to, but we had some individuals step up. Lionel Mitchell made some good plays and Simeon Castille did a good job after making some early mistakes.”

“We weren’t playing how we are capable of playing. Duke has a really good defense that executes well. Offensively they did a nice job with the running game. We were making mistakes, some of those didn’t have anything to do with Duke. We made a lot of mental mistakes.”

“It’s frustrating having penalties that kill big plays. We weren’t as near as sharp as we normally are. It wasn’t just the players. We the coaches have to get the players to play sharp.”

“We won the game, we found a way to win, but we didn’t execute the way we should have. Duke did all the things that could lead to you getting beat. We tell the players that you’ve got to come to play every week. If you don’t come to play, you put yourself in a position to get beat.”

“We’ve got to get things corrected and we’ve got to get our mind on Ole Miss. They are going to watch the tape of this game and find our mistakes. That is what we’ve got to fix this week. We’ve got to get better.”


University of Alabama Player Quotes

John Parker Wilson:
“The second half we played much better. We’ve got to come out and play our kind of ball. We can’t play down to their level. We know that when teams come here, we’re going to get their best game.”

On locker room at halftime:
“It was pretty fired up. We had some guys up there leading and talking and Coach (Mike Shula) got on us pretty good, but we needed that. We came out flat. We needed to turn it around in the second half.”

On Kenneth Darby:
“He showed up tonight. We want the ball in his hands because we know we needed to go down there and score and get some cushion. He got the ball in his hands and took control down the field on that last drive.”


Tim Castille:
“That’s our goal, to improve every time we come out on the field and get better offensively and defensively. Offensively, I don’t think we got better tonight. That’s the bottom line.”

“I told y’all on Tuesday that their (Duke’s) defense wasn’t any pushover, and y’all didn’t believe me. They did a bunch of different things that we had prepared for, and even then, even if you play perfect, you’re going to have big plays or they’re going to sack you. It kind of went that way. Keith (Brown) made the big play and then we had some drives, and then they sacked us at the beginning of the game. They had a tough defense.”


Juwan Simpson:
On Ole Miss:
“We know they have a very athletic quarterback. I haven’t really watched much film on them yet. I’ve seen them play when we were sitting around the hotel room on Saturdays when their games are on TV. We know they’re going to be a good team. It’s an SEC game. That’s enough said to get us pumped up and get us excited. We know we didn’t play well today and we’re going to practice hard this week and have a better showing next Saturday.”


Jamie Christensen:
“It felt good to get back. I had a couple of misses tonight, but I can’t let that bother me. I have to come back next week ready to work.”

On Ole Miss:
“I think we’ll step up our game. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem next week. As long as we concentrate on having a good week at practice, that’s the key for translating over into the game.”

Wallace Gilberry:
On “how mad he was at halftime”:
“I wasn’t mad at all. It’s a team effort. I just questioned myself, ??What can I do to help the University of Alabama win this game?’ I came out the second half and played a totally different game.”

On whether team was upset giving up two touchdowns in 1st half:
“Definitely. Just for the simple fact that we’re the University of Alabama. We feel like our defense, no one should score on us. Coming out after two losses, we were kind of pumped up. We needed to get some aggression out, but at the same time, Duke is a talented team. They are Division I athletes. They are going to make a run for it. It’s a matter for us being in position and out of position.”


Post-Game Visiting Coach Quotes

Duke Coach Ted Roof:
“Well I think it was a good locker room at halftime. We had been through that at Wake Forest. We had learned from it. I thought our kids came out in the second half ready to play. The third quarter was 16-14, so it came down to who was going to win the fourth quarter. We turned it over there. You go back to the first half and we fumbled going in at the goal line. The missed field goal I thought was a little bit of a momentum swing. If we could have knocked that through the sticks, I thought we would have some momentum going. But, I give credit to Alabama.”

 First Half Effort:
“Not just the effort in the first half, the effort in the second half was there too. It was some execution problems there in the fourth quarter that came back to bite us. It cost us the football game. We have to keep going and find a way to make a couple of more plays.”


Duke Player Quotes

#21 Re’Quan Boyette, running back
“We are satisfied with the way we played, but we are not satisfied with the results.”

“After the Wake Forest game, my confidence kind of went down, but through practice and different things like that, I realized that I needed to step up my game.  I wasn’t playing to my ability.  I just used that as motivation to do whatever it takes for my team to win.”

#4 Clifford Harris, running back
On the option:
“It was planned.  We watched the Florida film.  We saw how Chris Leak and Tim Tebow did it.  We kind of practiced that this week.  I had the experience with the option in high school.  We just spiced up the offense a little bit.”

“I guess we are encouraged a little bit.  We know that we can play with good teams.  But a loss is a loss.  Nobody is going to feel good about a loss.  I think it is going to help us looking forward to next week, playing another good team.  I think it is going to encourage us to know that we can play with other teams.”

#58 Codey Lowe, linebacker
“The game plan was to attack and to get after them as much as we could.”

On penalties:
“You have to play aggressive, but you have got to play smart.  Sometimes it’s hard to find that line.”

“We were excited to be up at halftime, but at the same time you have to look at it as a 0-0 game come the second half.  You can’t let up or slow down.  You have to keep fighting and keep attacking.”