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Coach Nick Saban Press Conference Transcript



Oct. 6, 2008

Head Coach Nick Saban Press Conference Transcript (Oct. 6, 2008)

Opening Statement:

“I am really proud and pleased of where our team has put themselves in terms of creating opportunities for themselves, and what we have accomplished in the first half of the season. They have played a lot of good football and played with a lot of toughness. We have played fairly consistently but not all the time.

“We have learned to overcome adversity and played in some tough situations. We came out ready to play in this game (Kentucky). We gained 260 yards in the first half to their 60, but we didn’t finish drives. We fumbled the ball inside the five-yard line, missed a field goal and had an opportunity to get at least three more points right before the half but there was a holding penalty . We did a lot of things to help keep the other team in the game by not finishing drives. We played physical in the game. We won the line of scrimmage and that was the real key. It was even more apparent after watching the film. The lesson to be learned is we don’t need to be dodging bullets; we need to be shooting them. We need to finish things and do things right. We don’t want to not put ourselves in a position to change a game when we have the opportunity to do so. We might have gone into a funk after a couple missed opportunities in the second quarter and that carried over to the third quarter. I thought in the fourth quarter we got it back and made some good drives even though we missed a field goal. We were able to keep the ball and that was a real key to the game.

“I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned as well. In what has happened in the first half of the season being intensity that has fueled our success. That is something we need to maintain in practice and preparation and improving over this bye week. We don’t need to be looking into the rear view mirror here. We need to be looking out forward to the challenge ahead. Part of that is getting some rest this week and part of it is improving in areas where we have not been consistent. That is something we will focus on in these three days of practice.

“Four coaches are out recruiting today. We are doing a little quality control on ourselves in terms of things we need to improve on. Any personnel issues that we need to address, even if it is in backup rolls, this is a good time to take care of that. Those decisions though have not been made. We want to take areas that we need to improve on as a team and work on those particular things. We want to take things that we have not seen or may see in the next five opponents and expose our players to some of those things. We don’t need anyone around here to fall in love with themselves in terms of where we are right now. We need to be looking forward to what we need to do and what it beneficial to us, and systematically prepare ourselves to play the best football that we can play. If we are improving and we are doing things the right way then we should be playing our best football in the weeks ahead. That is certainly what we want to try and accomplish during this bye week. We don’t really have anybody from an injury standpoint that is an issue or a problem. We may have some guys that will not take as many reps during the bye week. We may have some guys we rest an extra day or two relative to something in this bye week. We may manage practice a little differently this week.”

On the workload of Glen Coffee during the bye week:

“I think he is a workhorse kind of guy. I think the more he does the better he is. He hasn’t had an inordinate amount of carries because we share duties at that position. He will carry the ball around individually and if that doesn’t solve the problem (fumbles), he may have to carry it in the dining hall too.”

On the play of Bobby Greenwood the last couple of weeks:

“Bobby is a real consistent player.  He is a real hard working kind of guy. He is an overachieving kind of player in terms of playing smart. He really needs every advantage that he can gain relative to his preparation because he plays hard. He has persistence deluxe in the way that he competes in the game. He has great perseverance as a competitor. He has been productive for us and has played really well.”