Countdown to Kickoff
Duke Game Week Press Conference: Assistant Coaches' and Player Quotes



Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator

 On Duke

“The best thing they do is throw the boots and waggles. They do a real nice job with that, the play action and misdirection. They sprint the quarterback out and get him on the corner and out of the pocket really well. They have given some teams problems, blocking two people on the edge and getting him out on the run.” 

On Duke’s Ronnie Drummer

“One of the worst things that could have happened to them was one of their better players was hurt early. A tailback/wide receiver combination guy with speed and a chance to get on the corner was hurt in the first game. He came back and played some last week so he will probably be back to full speed this week.”

On 3-3-5 Defense

“We have run that package for the last four years. We run it against empty, spread formation teams which we played quite a bit the first four games. We have run it out of necessity. Our kids love to play it and it is a pretty good part of our package.”

On defending the run out of the 3-3-5 Defense

“It is simple math. You have one more guy to block in most instances. That is usually what the running game boils down to, you need to get somebody inside and outside of the blocker and you have a chance.”

Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

On playing the younger players

“We want to put them in and we want them to have more game experience. We showed confidence in them in the ULM (Louisiana Monroe) game when we put them in the game. The one thing we do is we scrimmage on Sunday nights so they do have an opportunity to do some things then. It is part of the process of us trying to build a unit. When you go in to every year you plan on playing more guys but the season just does not allow that.”

On red zone offense

“We have had breakdowns throughout the offense. We miss a read, we miss a catch, we miss a block, everybody has had their hand in it. It is not a mystery, it is right there in front of us. Our execution is not where it needs to be. We have some guys that are playmakers and need to make plays.”

On Kenneth Darby

“We are glad to see him run that way. We are not pleased at all with the lack of big plays we have had in the run game. We had four solid runs and half of our runs were four yards or better which is the most we have had all year and that is good but it is not something we can be pleased with. Ken had an opportunity a couple of times to just go down but he refused to and broke tackles and that is the K.D. that we all know and love. It was great to see that.”

On Duke’s defense

“We are playing a defense that has yet to give up 100 yards. They are averaging under 100 yards rushing per game. People see that they are 0-4 and say they should be a pushover but Virginia Tech struggled for 100 yards rushing and they are one of the best rushing teams in the ACC. It would be an outstanding goal and an outstanding afternoon if K.D. could do that on Saturday. There is no other runner that has done it against this defense. Jimmy Johns is also running well and he might break a couple.”

Rashad Johnson

“With two loses we are frustrated but we know that there is nothing we can do about it now except go out this week and have a good week of practice.”

Andre Smith

On red zone offense this season

“As an offensive unit we could have done a lot better as far as moving the ball and scoring when we have had the chance to in the red zone, we cannot make as many mistakes and just we just have to work harder”

Ken Darby

“I think I played better last week than I have all season, I felt better against Florida that I have felt all season. I feel better know, I am at 100% and feel like I am seeing the field better.”

Antoine Caldwell

“We have a good opportunity to bounce back this weekend the last two road games have been rough for us, we are as anxious as the fans are for us to get back on a winning track.”