Countdown to Kickoff
Tide Players Focus on Kentucky Game



Sept. 29, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The University of Alabama football team met with the media on Monday to preview the Crimson Tide's game against Kentucky (4-0) this Saturday afternoon at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.  The game will be nationally televised by CBS Sports and kickoff is set for 2:35 p.m. (CDT).

The following are comments from junior running back Glen Coffee, junior left tackle Andre Smith, senior safety Rashad Johnson and senior quarterback John Parker Wilson on this week's game with the Wildcats.

Senior quarterback John Parker Wilson:
On offensive reaching its potential:
"I think we've shown what we can do.  I think keeping it consistent is going to be the task for us.  We've shown we can run it, and we've shown we can throw it.  If we can do that week in and week out, we'll be where we need to be.  If we start going up and down like we have before it's going to be bad.  If we can just keep it even, we'll be successful."

On watching the running backs gaining big yards:
"It's so much easier.  The first two years I was here, we couldn't run the ball at all.  This year we are establishing the running game and establishing it up front and it's making everything else easier.  It's making our whole team better."

On offensive execution against Georgia:
"We were able to run the ball early.  We were able to come out and establish that.  Our receivers were running good routes and getting open.  They (Georgia) were running some man coverage so it was receivers getting downfield and just being able to put it on them.  I don't know how it was different than any other game.  Good execution and I think it says a lot.  We are going to play like we practice.  We had a good week of practice throwing the ball, probably the best we've had in a while, and we throw the ball well on Saturday."

On Alabama running pro style offense:
"You see some stuff with people running everything.  We have a solid offense and it's been solid for however long it's been run.  We feel good about it.  We feel good about the plays we have and the guys we have running them.  The confidence is the biggest thing."

Junior running back Glen Coffee:
On fans waiting for the team when they returned to Tuscaloosa:
"There were some people out there. It's good to know we have fans like that who support us when we have a big victory like that."

On hearing the fans during away games:
"We do hear the fans on the road.  We don't pay too much attention because we are trying to stay focused on the game, but we do hear them out there."

On Alabama's ranking:
"For the most part we are happy that they recognize us but after that it doesn't matter.  We still have to go out and compete.  We still have a lot of SEC games left.  Really it doesn't mean anything."

On Coach Saban getting tougher with the higher rankings:
"He's pretty tough from the start.  I don't know if he can get much tougher.  He lets us know that it doesn't mean anything being ranked No. 2.  We still have to go out there and play ball."

Junior left tackle Andre Smith:
On Alabama outscoring opponents 74-0 in first quarter:
 "I believe it's from the off-season workout program. (Strength and Conditioning) Coach (Scott) Cochran and his staff really put into us to always start fast and finish strong.  It's really showing on the football field."

On being proud of starting fast:
"We want to set the tone from the first play to the last play.  We really just want to go out there and compete and do what we are supposed to do."

Senior safety Rashad Johnson:
On offensive getting early leads for the team:
"It feels good for the offense to come out and play the way they have and gain the momentum, especially in a big game like last week.  When they put up points it makes our job a lot easier because the other offense changes their game plan, trying to catch up or not be so far behind.  It's a lot easier on us."

On problems on punt team:
"We had some problems.  They made a great return in the fourth quarter and there were some other problems in the special team's area, but we are going to get that corrected this week."

On importance of correcting special team's problems:
"It's very important.  Special teams are the biggest way to change the game momentum.  That's a big part.  We take pride in it.  We practice it hard every week. It's just something we can improve on."