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Alabama vs. Florida State: Alabama Post Game Quotes



Alabama vs. Florida State - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2007


Opening Statement:

“This was a very disappointing game. I was not pleased with how we played out there today. I want to give Florida State a lot of credit. They played physical, they out-toughed us. This was the first game that I felt the other team played more physical than we were, in terms of how to control the line of scrimmage and tackling. I didn’t feel like we got that done in this game. I think that was probably, more than anything, probably the difference in the game. The mental and physical toughness that (FSU) established on offense and special teams, in my mind, was the difference in that game, in my opinion

“We had a great opportunity to come here and keep improving our identity as a football team and I am not sure that we did that by the way we performed in this game. I know there were some guys that did good things, I’m not saying that, but this is the most disappointed that I’ve been, in terms of how we executed and what we did. It’s not a specific person, or one specific guy. We didn’t protect as good as we need to. We didn’t get open as well as we needed. And, we weren’t in sync as good as we need to be. This is the first time we weren’t able to run the ball effectively. I think when it comes right down to it, we didn’t execute as well as we need to, to have success. We want to play with intensity, toughness, everybody to be responsible for how we execute. I didn’t feel like we got that done in the game tonight.

“We didn’t want to come here and have any regrets about how we played, but we have some. I think they (FSU) are a good football team. I think they’re an outstanding defensive football team. I didn’t think we played with the kind of poise you need to execute against a team of their caliber.”

Junior safety Rashad Johnson on the defense holding FSU in the first half.

"It's something we take pride in. No matter what offense gets the ball, we try not to let them in the end zone. We put our backs against the ball and fought our way out of it and did a good job."

Sophomore OL Mike Johnson:

"We just have to finish our assignments. We don't have to change our game, just execute better. It's not the plays that are being called, it's the decisions we're making and we just have to stick with it."

"We just have to get back to the practice field. We know we have talent; we just have to get better. We have to get more in sync as an offense and just make plays."