Countdown to Kickoff
Assistant Coaches and Players Quotes



Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator

On Florida
“This is one of the hottest offenses in the country right now. They lead the conference in passing and are high in a lot of categories. If there is a better system out there, I would be hard-pressed to find it. I have never seen a system that has all parts of football; the power, the zone, the option, play action, the empty, five wides, short yardage, two tight ends I don’t think there is a part of football they don’t cover. They cover the whole gamut.”

“What makes it more difficult is they are doing it with really good people. The two quarterbacks are gifted and made for the system. The quarterbacks are spreading the ball out. Six people have caught quite a few balls. It is quite a challenge to get it broke down and find a way to be fundamentally sound in each of those areas.”

On Tim Tebow
“You say he is going to run every time but if you look at the tape he has thrown five or six really good balls. Not only nice balls but nice balls down the field. The youngster is a talented quarterback. He is big and strong, runs the option well on the corners so you can’t load up on it. He is an excellent quarterback and the two of them together really give them a great one-two punch.”

Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

On Alabama Offense
“We are our own worst enemy. We have a way to correct those things which is through hard practice and some determination. Our guys seem to have all of those habits. We are a learning bunch and we are certainly capable of it. The things about the group on Saturday that was very positive was we put ourselves in a bind but we responded every time after that. I thought took a lot because it is easy to go in to the tank when you are on the road and the crowd is really loud. That shows we can do that.”

On John Parker Wilson
“We thought going in to the game that he was going to play well and he played very well. He had more winning plays as a quarterback than I have had in a long time or maybe ever as a quarterbacks coach. He learns something every game because of the snaps he is taking and he is seeing a wide variety of blitzes. He is building a reservoir of experience. He has handled things very well.”

On Kenneth Darby
“It is hard because he is one of the leaders and a guy you can count on. He is giving us every thing he has. We give him the ball more and had some different things against Arkansas to try and spring him loose and we just didn’t get it done. It is not from a lack of effort.”  

Keith Brown

On team’s reaction to loss at Arkansas
“At first we were feeling bad because we took a tough loss, but I don’t think any one of the players is going to dwell on that. We are going to use it as motivation to come in to the next game. If you look at it, the game was real good. Everybody made a lot of plays that a lot of people didn’t expect us to make.”

On playing well but losing
“It is weird because I think we led in yards. We led in a lot of things except for the scoreboard. We are not going to dwell on that loss because we have the whole season ahead of us.”

On running game
“It is hard for our running game because teams are putting so many players in the box. It is all in Coach Shula’s strategy to run the ball between the tackles.”

On the run setting up the pass
“If teams are going to stop the running game, than our passing game is going to have to step up and answer the call. With them playing a lot of one-on-ones and us practicing in those situations, it gives us an edge against them. They didn’t expect us to be able to do what we did through the course of the game. We had some good play-calling and ran good routes so the combination was pretty good with John Parker (Wilson) being able to read the defenses.”

Matt Collins

On last years Florida game
“We were very prepared, our coaches prepared us really well and we had a great week of practice, then went out and played together very well”

On Chris Leak
“He has a great arm, he defiantly looks like a lot better quarterback this year than he did last year.”

Ken Darby

On Florida
“We know we are going against a good team right now, they are highly ranked right now and beating them would be a good boost for us and our program.”

On Florida’s Defense
“They are pretty aggressive and fast. They are a good defensive, even with some new faces.”

Andre Smith

On the Alabama Running Game
“We are working hard on the offensive line to stay on our blocks, everything is going to come together, but we just have to continue to push ourselves and play through the whistle”

On First SEC Road Trip
“The crowd was loud at times, it was a great learning experience as far as dealing with an away crowd and how loud they can get.”

On Playing at Florida
“I have been preparing all week with my coaches, its going to be louder that I have ever heard. They (the coaches) say that at times I will not even be able to hear myself think.”

Ramzee Robinson

On Florida
“It’s a must win, we are coming off an upset loss, we really have to get focused for this game.  Its going to take us doing all the little things to get the job done.”

On Florida Offense
“They know how to find a weakness in a defensive unit, and once they find it they are going to attack it and keep attacking it until you stop it. They look more comfortable in their offense this year, I think last year they were still trying to get a feel for the offense that Urban Meyer brought in, they are technically sound with everything they do.”