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Post Game Quotes: Alabama vs. Arkansas



Post Game Quotes
Alabama vs. Arkansas
September 23, 2006

Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula

“This is a heartbreaking loss.  It’s tough to swallow.  Things happened every quarter both good and bad. We just couldn’t stop the run.  We’ve got to stick together and get through this and be men.  We are going to practice what we preach and believe in each other. We are going to work and play as men.  We can’t sulk.

“Our quarterback (John Parker Wilson) had some negative plays but stepped it up.  He will just get better with experience.  He passed my expectations. He played well in the second half and fourth quarter. He had some amazing plays but he could have avoided some of those sacks.

On thinking about putting Jamie Christenson in and Leigh Tiffin

“Jamie hasn’t had enough reps.  I didn’t want to put him in a rough situation.  Leigh kicked a 46 yard goal into the wind.  He was third in the country going into this game.  The important thing is we need to get what happened corrected and understand what went wrong with those kicks.”

Alabama Quarterback John Parker Wilson

On team’s mistakes

“It’s tough.  When we are playing well, we are playing really great.  But, we have those moments where we fumble and they run it back for a touchdown.  We’ll be fine if we eliminate those mistakes.”

On losing such a close game

Any time you lose, it’s tough, especially by one point on the road in double overtime.  The only thing that matters is the scoreboard, and we didn’t come out on the winning side.”

Alabama Wide Receiver Keith Brown

“I can’t point the finger at any of our players.  Everyone can’t have a great game every time out.  We’re going to eliminate our mistakes this week.”

On John Parker Wilson

“John Parker (Wilson) has been doing that for three games now, so it’s nothing new or surprising to us.”

Alabama Wide Receiver D.J. Hall

“We can’t doubt the effort of any one on our team.  Nobody should point the finger at Leigh (Tiffin).  No one player a perfect game, I know I didn’t.”

Alabama Running Back Kenneth Darby

“We’ve got to watch film and correct our mistakes.  We’re going to have bounce back and get ready for Florida, because they don’t care we lost this game the way we did.”

Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt

“I’m really proud of our team.  We never gave up even when we could have let go of the rope.  I really appreciate the courage and guts our guys showed.  We had a lot of heroes tonight.  It took everyone including our guys on the sidelines.  It’s positive winning the close ones, because it builds up the guys’ confidence.”

On his team’s effort

“Our guys are tired and beat up without Marcus Harrison and Peyton (Hillis).  But our guys showed a lot of courage tonight.  I loved (Sam Olajubutu)’s heart.  He was beat up and tired, but you knew at the snap he was going to give it everything he had.

On Mitch Mustain

“Mitch struggled with the mix of blitz and coverage, but he will only get better.  We have to work and eliminate the mistakes.”

On Jeremy Davis

“Jeremy Davis’ PAT was huge.  You can’t take any attempt for granted.  He’s a competitor and came back when we needed it.”

On the fumble return for a TD

“When we needed a turnover, we got it and scored with it.”

Arkansas Wide Receiver Marcus Monk

“This game showed that you cannot take anything for granted. Anybody can win on any given Saturday. The whole game was crazy but it was great to get the victory. We are trying to bring that winning tradition back to Arkansas. Against Auburn we are going to have to play a lot better and be almost perfect because they are such a strong team.”

Arkansas Quarterback Mitch Mustain

On Touchdown play in overtime

“The route was supposed to be a five-yard out play but their corner had it covered so Ben (Cleveland) turned it up and I threw it up to him and he was able to convert it for a touchdown.”

On the coming off week

“The week off comes at a great time for us. After a win like this it will be nice to have a couple of weeks to prepare for Auburn and work on our mistakes.”

Arkansas Tight End Ben Cleveland

On touchdown play

“I changed my route because Alabama had the route I intended to run covered. I turned my route up the field and Mitch threw it up to my 6’5’’ frame and I caught it.  It is obviously the biggest catch of my lifetime.”

Arkansas Safety Randy Kelly

On fumble return

“I was coming on a blitz and got picked up by a lineman. (Antwain Robinson) was able to strip the ball and I saw it and picked it up and took it to the house. It was nice to get our first turnover in that way.”

Jeremy Davis

On his extra points

“When I missed the extra point I looked up a little bit before I kicked which is something you don’t want to do. When (Alabama kicker Leigh Tiffin) missed his extra point in overtime, I knew I would get another chance and I was able to hit it down the middle.”