Countdown to Kickoff
Press Conference Quotes: Assistant Coaches and Players



September 23, 2006 -- Razorback Stadium (72,000) -- Fayetteville, Ark.
2:30 p.m. (CST) -- CBS Sports

Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator

On Arkansas running backs

“They have premier runners and do a good job of getting the ball to them. You have to keep them pinned up because if they get in to the secondary, good luck to you and all of your partners. It is tough when they get back there in the secondary. I don’t see anybody stopping them cold but we have to slow them down a little bit.”

On Arkansas offense

“They have probably as talented of an offensive line as they have had there. They are a typical Arkansas where the right tackle is 6’6”, 330. He is a giant of a man and a good football player. They have all the tools to run the ball.”

“Their freshman quarterback is playing with a lot of confidence and is playing well. Then you throw (Marcus) Monk in the mix and it gives you a very talented, tall wide receiver who can run, jump and catch the ball.”

“They have an arsenal of an offense. They have taken the power game from last year and added it to the shotgun. It gives us a new wrinkle and something that is hard to simulate in practice so it will be a challenging week for us on the practice field.”

On importance of defensive tackles

“In this scheme it is all across the board. You have to play gap control and you have to keep enough numbers. The tackles, linebackers and defensive safety all have to be involved. It has to be a group effort and can’t be an individual thing.”

Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

On John Parker Wilson getting first road start

“We are not going to dwell on it. We are not going to do anything to put any emphasis on it because I really think that John Parker is a guy that plays on the field with his arm. You are not supposed to use personal references but the first time I played in Razorbacks Stadium was a big deal and I had a lot of fun there. I really don’t think the crowd is going to be a major factor on his mind. I think he will handle it well.”

On Andre Smith

??A lot of what he does comes with the position. With the quick screen pass to DJ (Hall) the other day, it is easier for the quarterback to go right and throw back to his left so the left tackle will have more opportunities to pull out than the right tackle. He has given every indication he can handle whatever you throw at him. He moves so well for his size.” 

John Parker Wilson

On Arkansas being a physical game

“I got to see them first hand last year. I know it is a very tough place. That is all the guys talk about, how loud it is going to be and how crazy their fans are. That is something I have to get ready for.”

On if he has a go-to wide receiver

“No not really. It would be easy to but we have so many guys we can go to. I don’t have to look for one certain guy because I trust that everybody is going to be open. I have a pretty good selection.”

On what concerns he has heading into the Arkansas game

“I don’t know if I have any concerns. I just need to go out there and protect the ball, not turn it over and play our game. We can’t go out there and get into a game they want to play. We just have to play Alabama football.”

On questions about the offense

“That is still a question to everyone out there “Is our offense any good?” It is the same situation as last year. We are trying to prove we are and we can do that if we go out there and take care of business at Arkansas. Of course the week after that will be a very big game for us.”

Terrence Jones

On the Arkansas Offense

“I think it will be a big task for us, we have faced more of a spread offensive the first three games. There whole offensive mentality is to run the ball. They are very big up front. We have not faced an offense like that this year. It’s a new challenge for us”

On his First College Start Against Arkansas in 2003

“My freshman year they got the best of me, I was young and small and do not think I was quite ready at the for it.”

DJ Hall

On Returning Kicks

“I like doing kick off returns. I will do whatever it takes to help the team win.”

On Arkansas Defense

“This week will be the toughest cornerbacks we faced, they are real aggressive, the play a lot of man coverage and they are going to be in your face the whole game and that brings a lot of competition. It should be a tough, physical game.”

Antoine Caldwell

On his role this week with the younger lineman

“I am trying to step it up a little bit and let the younger guys know we have not played any yet that’s going to be like Arkansas, with their speed intensity and how physical they are on the field, I have to step up this week in practice and let the guys know we have to get after it. “

Simeon Castille

On Playing at Arkansas

“They have a nice stadium. Anytime you play on the road, their crowd is going to be into it and be loud, it does get pretty loud. We have to use the energy, we are used to hearing our crowd boo the other team and this is the first time, when we run out there, we are the ones that are going to be booed.”