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Georgia Game Week Press Conference: Alabama Football Player Quotes



Georgia Game Week Press Conference
September 17, 2007

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. ?? The 16th-ranked University of Alabama football team held its weekly media day today in the Naylor Stone Media Suite in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Building to reflect on Saturday night’s 41-38 come-from-behind win over Arkansas and preview this weekend’s game with the 22nd-ranked Georgia Bulldogs. 

Senior wide receiver Matt Caddell:

On game-winning TD catch:

“Just growing up, God wants us to be humble so that’s something I try to be ?? be as humble as possible. It’s a blessing and an honor to go out and be able to make plays like that, you have to be able to take advantage of opportunities.”

On Alabama’s ranking in the polls:

“We’re not really looking into the rankings; we just have to improve as a team. We have a pretty good stretch coming up on the schedule. We have a lot of improvement to make. I think Saturday was a step to get better, get a little momentum, and really put the pieces of the puzzle all together. That way we can really finish the games, and always be relentless on the field.”

On the Arkansas game being a confidence boost:

“It’s a big confidence boost. Coach Saban always teaches us to have positive energy and that just helps us to add on more positive energy.  It’s a big momentum builder; we just have to keep on going.”

On playing the next game:

“You always play the next play, the next game. You can’t really live in the past; you have to live for the next play and then the next game. Right now we’re just focusing on Georgia and getting ready to play them.”

Senior defensive back Simeon Castille:

On watching film of Arkansas game:

“I don’t really think it was knocking us down.  It was just showing us what was there and what needs to be fixed.  No matter what you do, you always want to improve.  We have to always focus on getting better.  There were a lot of things that could have prevented them from getting 38 points and coming back and getting into the ball game.  We just need to work on those things and get better.”

“From watching the film, every run they broke, it was from one guy not being in the right spot, two guys maybe not moving over and being in the right spot.  It was just small things.  Coach Saban stresses those small things.  He really believes not taking care of the little things off the field will affect you on the field.  I see what he’s saying.  You train your mind to pay attention to the little things and if you do that all the time then on the football field you will remember to move over when you are supposed to.  It all ties together.”

On Georgia:

“I haven’t seen much. What I do know is they have a running back that’s very good.  He runs the heck out of the football.  I’ve seen Sean Bailey.  I know he has good speed.  (Thomas Brown) is very good at returning punts, I know that.  He can run.  I know they like to throw it up top.  They like deep balls.  Their running back really impressed me.”

Redshirt freshman running back Terry Grant:

On preparation and the physical condition of the team:

“Like I’ve been saying every week, hard work pays off.  We have been preparing well.  We have done a great job to get to where we are right now.  You can tell all of us are in pretty good shape.  Going into the fourth quarter, we are doing a good job of not showing people that we are sweating and going in there and playing like we are supposed to play.”

On the mood of the team after Saturday’s win:

 “We are real excited.  Most of the guys are excited.  We have the confidence that we need.  We have mature guys that know how to keep it 24 hours like Coach Saban told us to do.  We have to come back in here and focus on Georgia instead of Arkansas.”

Junior quarterback John Parker Wilson:

On getting ready for Georgia:

“I don’t know how easy it will be for the team, we’ll see after practice.  I think it’s a must for us this week.  Georgia is a good team and I think everybody knows that.  The more we hang on this win, the worse it’s going to be on our team. We just have to get over it and go to practice today and get ready for Georgia.”

On game film of Arkansas:

“We did some very good things.  We had some ups and downs.  We just have to get rid of the downs and learn from them.  We made some pretty big plays and got better on offense.”

On last play to Matt Caddell:

“He was just able to get open.  They were playing zone coverage.  They didn’t really play man until we got down there close.  I was just able to go through the reads and he was the guy getting open.  I’m not surprised.  He does everything he is supposed to.  He comes to practice every day.  He’s a dependable guy.  If you are dependable then you step up in a situation like that.” 

On the team’s emotions after Arkansas win:

“It’s still early.  That’s the way we look at it.  It’s only the third game and we have a lot of football left.  We can’t get too enamored with this win.  We can’t get too caught up.  We have to get ready for Georgia.  As clich?? as this is, we can’t hang on this win.”