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Alabama Assistant Coach's and Player Quotes - September 12, 2006



Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Alabama Press Conference Quotes

Dave Rader, Offensive Coordinator

“We’re going to see a different look than we’ve seen so far this year. We’ll see if our guys can shift to prepare for a different type front. They play an even front with a 4-4 type look. We haven’t seen this defense since the 2004 season and we have a lot of guys playing now that weren’t playing then.”

On the offense
“I’m excited about this group. We have a bunch of guys that are working extremely hard to come together. Going through tough and pressing moments in a football game will only help bring you together. If our guys didn’t respond to that positively, then we’d have a problem. But to go through a tight game and not hit the panic button, especially when you have so many guys that have not been in that situation before, is a positive.”

Joe Kines, Defensive Coordinator

On Louisiana Monroe
“Football has really changed. This is the third week in a row that we are facing a multiple formation team. They do a great job with the option as well as the pass. They run the quarterback slice extremely well. They will spread you out from sideline to sideline. This is the third time in a row that we have seen a spread offence but their brand is a little different than the first two. They probably run more of a variety of plays than the first two, maybe as much as the first two put together. It is a sign of the times.”

“Their quarterback is a runner who throws the ball extremely well. Coach Shula was commenting this morning on his arm and how accurate he was. The package they have with their tight ends is different than a lot of people who use them as just another tackle. In this group the tight end is the second leading receiver. They really do a good job of getting the ball to all five of the positions, throwing anywhere, any down.”

Dave Ungerer, Special Teams Coordinator

On Jamie Christensen’s Health
“I don’t know where exactly he is today. He has been kicking a little bit and rehabbing. Today I am hoping to see a marked improvement in his leg speed and leg strength. Last we were up to about 35 yards. He has had a few days off now and he is like anybody else in another position. He wants to go out there and compete and we are trying to make him get some more rest and treatment. Hopefully today we will get a little better read after practice.”

On if Christensen is still the Starter
“When we get him back we will have to determine that. Coach Shula and I will meet and talk about it. We haven’t talked about it yet because we didn’t know when he was going to come back. There is nothing to talk about until he gets back. He is going to help our football team one way or the other when he comes back. It is a good problem to have once that problem does surface. Leigh (Tiffin) did not beat Jamie out. Jamie has won a lot of games for us and done a lot of great things. We are excited about what Leigh has done so far but it is hard to take a kid out of a position that he has earned because of an injury.”

On return game against Vanderbilt
“The one ball Simeon (Castille) returned was a short ball that hit the ground and he just took a chance. After that the kid went from a 31-yard ball to a 50-yard ball that was high in the air. That was his best punt of the day after that. Kickoff return was the same way. They squibbed the first two and then hit one ball to us. It was a little bit frustrating from that standpoint.”

On  Alabama defense
I think we are really playing hard. We are not playing good all the time but, I don’t think there were any spots in the first two games where there was a lack of effort or concentration. The guys are trying to do what we ask them to do and are playing extremely hard. As long as we do that we have a shot to get better. The most important thing for this week is to find some way to get better. I think the attitude has been tremendous. We are willing to work but we have to play smart. The tendency is to make some drills in practice more important, but today every snap is important. We have to take every opportunity we get and see if we can’t make the most of it with the most people.” 

Keith Brown, WR

On ULM’s Defensive Backs
“I think they play an aggressive style of coverage. It’s a little different from Hawai’i and Vanderbilt. This is our first meeting with them and we’re going to try and make it a good one.”

Jeffrey Dukes, DB

On the defense
“I think we’ve made a lot of progress. We go out every day and give it our all and try to do things perfect. Coach Kines called us yesterday to come watch film and we were already up here watching film.”

On ULM Receivers
“They have a lot of receivers that can do a lot of things. They have a tight end that is more like a regular wide receiver. They are all good and we have to watch out for (Zeek Zacharie).”

Ken Darby, RB

“We looked better than we did against Hawai’i. There are still some kinks we need to iron out, but overall we looked better against Vanderbilt.”

“I started feeling more relaxed and more comfortable towards the end of the game. Coach also gave me the ball a few times back-to-back and that helped out, too, because it helped me get into a rhythm and I started feeling it again.”

“There were some runs that I could have broken out for a few more yards but it just didn’t happen. That’s something that I’ve seen on film where I may not have been aware of (Vanderbilt) bringing an extra man down into the box. That’s something I should have been able to see but (Vanderbilt) disguised it pretty well. It’s just something that I need to work on.”

Chris Capps, LT

On running game not as successful as last season
“It is a little frustrating. As an offensive line it is something we take pride in. We haven’t been able to run the ball like we can.”

On pass protection
“We have done pretty well as a group so far. With new starters in Justin (Britt) and Andre (Smith) we have been working well as a group. We have had a few mistakes but they are things we can get corrected.”

On playing without Kyle Tatum
“You can’t really think about that. You never know when you are not going to have somebody. I wasn’t really worried about that. I am on the end so I just have to go out there and play.”