Countdown to Kickoff
2008 Alabama Home Football Game FAQs



Sept. 11, 2008

Following Alabama home football Games this fall, we will try and respond to some of the questions from Crimson Tide fans as we continue our efforts to provide a first class gameday experience. Prior to attending a game in Tuscaloosa, make sure to check or for the most recent news on anything from traffic to pre-game activities. Here are a few questions we received following the home opener against Tulane:

  What are the parking locations and bus information for people with disabilities and what is the bus schedule to and from the Campus Drive Deck?
  Last season, there were not enough parking spaces in the South ten Hoor Parking Deck to satisfy the demand for parking for people with disabilities. This season, the decision was made to move the parking for people with disabilities to the Campus Drive Deck, a larger and newer deck that also serves as the transportation hub on campus. The Campus Drive Deck has restroom facilities and a vending area. From this deck, transportation is also available to three locations on campus: Rose Administration, Morgan/Gorgas Halls and Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Pre-game plan for buses departing Campus Drive Deck:
  • Buses with Rose Administration on the front of the bus begin running from the Campus Drive Deck 3 hours before the game. They run from Campus Drive Deck to the Gorgas Library/Morgan Hall/Quad area and to the stop in front of Rose Administration.
  • Buses with Gameday on the front of them begin running 3 hours before the game. These buses mainly serve the east campus parking lots at the Soccer Lot, Medical Center and Rec Center. They drop off at the Gorgas Library/Morgan Hall/Quad area.
  • Buses that look like small school buses and have the international ADA symbol placards in the front window begin running from the Campus Drive deck 3 hours before the game. They run from the Campus Drive Deck to the west side of the Stadium and drop off on Wallace Wade Avenue. These buses will have placards on the side marked Stadium/Campus Drive Deck Shuttle.
Post-game plan departing from Bryant Denny-Stadium:
  • All buses leaving the stadium for the Campus Drive Deck will board on the west side of the stadium on Wallace Wade Drive. Buses will be a combination of small school buses and Crimson Ride buses. Post-game, fans who want to go to the Campus Drive Deck via a bus should go to the west side of the stadium, across Wallace Wade, and board the buses in that location only. These buses will begin running in the 3rd quarter and will continue to run for one hour post-game.
  What are the changes to concessions - have costs gone up for soft drinks and how has the menu changed?
  Earlier this year, Crimson Tide Sports Marketing entered into an agreement with Centerplate, Inc., to provide food, beverage and retail merchandise services at all University of Alabama Athletic Events. The menu has been expanded and we have also made the transition to Coca-Cola products in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

There have been several e-mails regarding the costs of soft drinks and hot dogs. A 16 oz. Pepsi sold for $3.50 in 2007 and this year a 21 oz. Coke is $4.00 with the option of a 32 oz. drink in a souvenir cup for $6.00. Fans have the choice of a $4.00 regular size stadium hot dog or a $6.00 foot long hot dog. This is the first year the foot long has been offered. The prices have not increased dramatically across the board, but in cases where larger portion sizes are offered, there is a higher cost.

There have also been a few comments on popcorn not being available at specific concession stands. Centerplate has addressed this issue and will expand the locations that carry popcorn and also have "hawkers" selling popcorn throughout the stadium.

Here is the menu for each of the different concession stands along with their locations:
  • Bear's Den (U4 North End Zone): Red Elephant Burger, Red Iron Steak Sandwich, Chicken Tenders w/Fries, French Fries, Stadium Dog, Jumbo Dog, Nachos Grande, BBQ Nachos & Golden Flake Chips.
  • Big Al's Grill (Sections JK-KL, FF-GG): Red Elephant Burger, Foot-Long Crimson Dog, Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders, French Fries, Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Big Al's Boiled Peanuts, Candy & Golden Flake Chips.
  • Crimson Fried (Section DE-EF): Chicken Tenders w/Fries, Corn Dogs, Wings, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Green Tomatoes, French Fries, Fried Pickles, Candy & Golden Flake Chips.
  • Dreamland (Sections EF-FG, LM-KL, BB-CC, KL-LM, LL-KK): Pulled Pork Sandwich, Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Smoked Sausage, BBQ Nachos, Nachos Grande, Brunswick Stew, Nana Pudding, Candy & Golden Flake Chips.
  • Ezell's Fish Camp (U4 North End Zone): Catfish Po' Boy Sandwich, Shrimp Po' Boy Sandwich, Chicken Po' Boy Sandwich, Chicken Basket w/Fries, Shrimp Basket, Catfish Basket, Fried Pickles, Fried Mushrooms & Hush Puppies.
  • Roll Tide (Sections N1-N2, FG-GH, S8-AB, AA-AB, DD-EE, KK-LL, MM-NN, N2-N3, GH-FG, CD-BC, S6-S7, S2-S3, EE-FF, GG-HH, JJ-KK, N6-N7, OP-PQ, BC-CD, FF-GG, OP-PQ, BC-CD, PQ-QR, AB-BC, NN-MM, LL-KK, GG-HH, DD-EE): Stadium Dog, Foot-Long Crimson Dog, Nachos Grande, BBQ Nachos, Jumbo Soft Pretzel, Fresh Roasted Peanuts, Popcorn, Candy & Golden Flake Chips.
  • Tortilla Junction (Sections BC-CD, DE-CD, MM-NN, EF-FG, GG-HH): Steak Burrito, Chicken Burrito, Nachos Grande, BBQ Nachos, Steak Nachos, Chicken Nachos, Churros, Candy & Golden Flake Chips.
  What is the timeline for home games with events on the Quad and the Walk of Champions?
  Fans are always encouraged to arrive early for Saturday home games in Tuscaloosa and there are plenty of events going on to entertain those that are able to do so. Kickoff on the Quad festivities begin three hours prior to kickoff and include a variety of food vendors, merchandise vendors and activities for the kids. Various UA athletic teams sign autographs on the Quad each week and this usually takes place 2.5 hours before kickoff. Prior the Western Kentucky game, the gymnastics team is scheduled to sign. One of the great traditions at the University of Alabama is the Walk of Champions as fans gather outside the North endzone entrance to welcome the team as they get off the buses and make their way into the locker room. This takes place approximately two hours prior to kickoff.

  How does the Crimson Ride Shuttle System work on gameday and is there a cost?
  The Crimson Ride Shuttle System is the University's on-campus transit system and there is no cost to use the shuttle on gamedays. Starting three hours prior to kickoff, there will be 17 Crimson Ride buses that will be running gameday routes for fans. These buses will pick up at pre-determined pickup locations and will take fans to the southwest corner of the Quad. This service is free of charge to all fans on Gameday. After the game, the Crimson Ride will pick up fans on 9th Avenue located along the west side of The Quad.

  What is the best way to stay updated with gameday info, traffic information, etc?
  You can check or for the most recent news involving a home Alabama football game. In addition, 103.3 FM and most of the pre-game and post-game radio shows will include traffic updates. You can also sign up for voicemail and/or email alerts for any emergency or late breaking traffic/weather information at

  Are there guidelines on what you can or cannot bring inside Bryant-Denny Stadium?
  The following items are NOT permitted in Alabama Athletic Facilities:
  • Oversized bags larger than 8 1/2 X 11 (backpacks, oversize purses, etc.)
  • Bottles, cans, thermoses
  • Chair backs LARGER than a single seat (16 inches wide)
  • Food containers and coolers
  • Ice bags, ice chests
  • Laser pointers
  • Artificial noisemakers (bells, horns, whistles, cow bells, etc.)
  • Outside food or drink
  • Strollers
  • Umbrellas
  • Video recorders or camcorders
  • Computers
  • Cameras with telephoto lenses over 6 inches long
  What are the rules on utilizing electricity on the Quad?
  The use of power strips and multiple plugs on each light pole is prohibited as it will put a strain on the power supply from that pole resulting in a breaker trip. Only two hook-ups per plug are allowed (TV and Satellite Dish). You may hook-up a power strip, to prevent damage from possible surges, but only two items may be plugged into it.

  Where do I send comments, complaints or suggestions in the future?
  You may send e-mails to and there is also a link to provide feedback at