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Arkansas Game Week Press Conference: Alabama Football Player Quotes



Arkansas Game Week Press Conference
September 10, 2007

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -   The University of Alabama held its weekly football media day Monday at the Naylor Stone Media Suite in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Building.  Below are comments from several players as the Crimson Tide prepares for Saturday’s game against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Redshirt freshman running back Terry Grant:

On Being SEC freshman of the week for the second time:

“It was just another day at work.  That’s how I look at it.  I just go out and play the game that I know I can play.  That’s just how it happens.  Confidence comes from preparing well at practice. It was able to pay off for me in the game.”

On Darren McFadden:

“I respect him.  He’s been in this league a while.  I feed off of it.   I watch him run the ball.  He’s pretty good at what he does.  I’m playing against him but I’m really playing against his defense and he’s going against our defense.  I’m not preparing for him.  I’m preparing for his defense.  I think we all get juiced up.  It’s on ESPN.  We have to go out there and play well.”

On film from Vanderbilt game:

“I felt pretty good watching it.  We’ve still got some improvements to make.  Every week we have to get better.  I was able to stay patient and burst through the holes.”

Senior defensive back Simeon Castille:

On Arkansas’ running back tandem, Darren McFadden and Felix Jones:

“We have to stop those two guys.  Really it starts with them and controlling their running game.  I think the key will be stopping the run and making them throw the ball to beat us.  It’s definitely going to be a challenge.  Last year when we played them they weren’t doing all the stuff that they are doing now.  It’s going to be a totally different ball game.  We have to have a good week of practice and it starts today.  We need to build today and just go on from there.

“Tackle him. That’s what’s going through my mind.  You use your techniques that we use all the time.  Don’t stop your feet.  That’s the biggest thing.   If you stop your feet you’re dead.  He will either run over you or make a move and run right around you.  Tackling is a mindset.  You have to want to tackle.  You can’t just go out there and hope to get the guy down cause you’re not.  It really starts with your mindset and your attitude.”

Senior defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry:

On Arkansas running back Darren McFadden

“We are both men and both respect the game.  I just go full speed ahead and the best man will win.  He puts his pants on just like I do.  You just have to go hard just like you would every other day.  Go hard and practice hard.  Just get yourself prepared to play four quarters.”

On UA freshman linebacker Rolando McClain

 “Rolando is a special guy.  You guys can obviously tell.  It doesn’t take much for him to get fired up.  I’m sure he is aware of the hype surrounding Darren McFadden.  I’m sure it’s going to be a thrill for him to get to tackle him.  There is not much you can say to a guy like him besides just go out and play ball just like you do every other day.”

Senior linebacker Darren Mustin:

On Darren McFadden:

“What’s not to know about him?  He’s a great back.  He is one of the best in the country.  He has everything, speed, power and quickness.  It’s going to be a big challenge.  We try to play hard and hit hard.  It’s going to be a big challenge with him.  We have to hit him.  If we don’t hit him he will run all over us.  We have to hit him and set the tone early.  Come out and set the tone that we are a physical defense.  If we are able to do that then we will be all right.”

On handling Darren McFadden and Felix Jones:

“It’s something different to look at.  The coaches are going to put together a good scheme to stop them starting today.  It’s going to be tough to stop because he can throw the ball too.  He’s an all-around All-American.  The backup is super fast.  I wouldn’t even consider him a back-up.  They just have a one-two punch.  Their one-two punch is pretty powerful.  They are fast.  Both are strong and both are quick.  We have a big challenge.  We have to contain them and when we get a chance we have to hit them.”

On how Coach Saban gets the team prepared:

“His philosophy is to work hard every day.  It doesn’t matter what day it is.  It could be a day off, it doesn’t matter.  You have to work hard.  That’s his philosophy and that’s what we have to buy into.  We have to work hard and get better every day.”