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Alabama vs. Western Carolina: Alabama Post Game Quotes



Alabama vs. Western Carolina
September 1, 2007
Bryant-Denny Stadium

Coach Saban Quotes

General Game Comments
I was pleased and proud of the way we went out on the field tonight. Identity was a focal point of what we were going to try and accomplish in terms of being aggressive and using a relentless kind of competitive style. We really tried to dominate in the second half and for the most part I think we came in and did that. There are still a lot of things we need to improve on, some things we were a little sloppy on, but we have the right attitude about trying to work on and improve on it.

Kickoff Team
The kickoff team was an asset for us. They were really good for us in terms of control and movement down the field. We obviously missed a few field goals and that is something we need to work on.

On the Atmosphere
I wasn’t really focused on the atmosphere, I was focused on the game. I was please thought with the enthusiasm the fans demonstrated for our team. When we pulled up in the buses before the game, I think that passion they had makes us excited about being here and being a part of the Alabama tradition. The people here make this a special place and we want to give them a special program.

On building a foundation
Its not who you play, its how you play them. We are creating an identity as a team by how we perform and how we play. We try and use a lot of talk, a lot of effort, and disciple and team chemistry by using intensity and intelligence we can combine those to execute a winning football team.
We have a 24-hour rule at the University of Alabama and that rule is you can enjoy the win for 24 hours, but then you got to move on and get ready for the next chance.

Defensive End Wallace Gilberry

On the performance of the defensive front seven:
"I thought we did pretty well. To be considered very young and inexperienced, I thought we got out there and gave great effort.”

On Coach Saban's debut:
“What a debut to have! We put up a lot of points and we held them. My hat goes off to Coach Saban and Coach Steele.  They put us in great position to execute and get away with a win.”

John Parker Wilson

On importance of a good start:
“It was a good start.  We knew we wanted to start fast.  We knew we wanted to move the ball and we were able to do that on the first play.  Terry busted open.  The offensive line played great the whole night.  It was a good way to start the season off.”

On coming away with only 3 points from the redzone:
“It was tough.  We were able to put points on the board when we needed too.  We were trying some different stuff and see what we could do down there.  We are going to come back and get ready for Vanderbilt next week.”

Terry Grant

On first play of the game:
“It was just a good sweep.  It was a big play and it just happened to be the first play of the game.  It was a play to take the wind out of them.  I try to take it to the house every time I carry it.”

DJ Hall

“We always want to have a strong confidence in what we can do.  The coaching staff does a great job at everything they do around here.  We listen to what they tell us to do offensively.  You guys saw a little bit of our offense.  We have a little left.  I’m pretty sure they know when the right time to bring everything out.”

On showing offensive strengths:
“  We showed we have a few playmakers.  Guys are just hustling all around.  Offensive, defense, and special teams.  There is so much talent on this team.  There is not one guy to pinpoint that only makes the team better.  That’s what we want to focus on.”

“This is what we needed.  We needed to go out and put points on the board and stop them from scoring.  That’s what we did.  We work hard and we just wanted to go out and show everybody how hard we work.”