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2007 Football Media Guide Supplement



2007 Football Media Guide Supplement

THE MEDIA Adobe Acrobat Icon
Contents (p. 1)
Media Information (p. 3)
Media Relations Directory (p. 4)
Media Relations Staff (p. 5)
2007 Roster (p. 6)
Bryant-Denny Stadium (p. 8)

THE RECORD BOOK Adobe Acrobat Icon
Offensive Records (p. 10)
Special Teams Records (p. 24)
Defensive Records (p. 29)
Single Season Team Defense (p. 34)
Offense Single Season Records (p. 35)
Firsts And Milestones (p. 38)
Historical Notables (p. 38)
Statistical Leaders Year-by-Year (p. 39)
Team Year-by-Year (p. 43)
Alabama vs. All-Opponents (p. 52)

2006 IN REVIEW Adobe Acrobat Icon
2006 Game Recaps (p. 54)
2006 Statistics (p. 67)

How it all Began (p. 72)
Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant (p. 73)
National Championships (p. 74)
SEC Statistical Champions (p. 80)
Ranking the Tide (p. 82)
Televising the Tide (p. 86)
Captains (p. 88)
Crimson Tide Uniforms (p. 90)
Winning and Unbeaten Season (p. 91)
10-Win Seasons (p. 91)
Bryant-Denny Stadium (p. 92)
Bryant-Denny Records (p. 94)
Legion Field (p. 96)
Legion Field Records (p. 97)
Legion Field Greatest Games (p. 98)
All-Time Lettermen (p. 100)
All-Time Tide Assistants (p. 112)
All-Star Games (p. 114)
Spring Awards (p. 115)

AWARDS AND THE NFL Adobe Acrobat Icon
First Team All-Americans (p. 119)
All-America Honors (p. 128)
All-Conference Honors (p. 129)
Honoring the Crimson Tide (p. 131)
National Awards (p. 132)
Alabama in the College Football Hall of Fame (p. 134)
NCAA Statistical Champions (p. 136)
Miscellaneous Awards (p. 137)
Alabama and Academics (p. 138)
Pro Football Hall of Fame (p. 139)
Alabama in the Super Bowl (p. 139)
Alabama in the NFL (p. 140)
NFL Draft (p. 142)

BOWL HISTORY Adobe Acrobat Icon
Bowl Bound (p. 146)
Alabama Bowl Records (p. 148)
Bowl Recaps (p. 152)