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CAMP CHATTER: Marlon Davis



Aug. 17, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - During preseason football camp, will take fans behind the scenes with various Crimson Tide players. Today, offensive lineman Marlon Davis talks about his life away from football and how that helps him on the field.

On the end of two-a-days: "I think there is a little excitement in each and every one of us that two-a-days are over. We are still going to compete and work hard each and every day. Practice was pretty grueling today. We worked hard in the morning practice and it was a little cooler. Sometimes when it is a little cooler you get a little lazy, but you have to push through it and be mentally tough."

On the cooler weather: "God has been awesome to us. God has been great. The weather has been awesome. It's been raining and it's been cloudy. It's been in the 70s and 80s. I just thank God for it."

On your hobbies outside football: "I mostly stay in church. I go to Bible study a lot. I'm always doing something with my church (Greater New Testament in Alberta City) and reading my Bible. I like to sit back and relax."

On your goals after football: "I think that one of my purposes in life is to minister to younger people, or just minister period. I'm supposed to let people know that there is a God that can help you in different situations and through life's struggles.

On using ministry on the field: "It's the only reason I am on the field. If it were not for God, I don't know where I would be. So, Jesus Christ helps me with a lot of things that I go through each and every day. He is my helper. I don't know what I'd do without Him. Some days I don't feel like going, but I get my extra strength through Him."

On offensive line: "I think we expect to be the best that we can be. We expect to be 100 percent on all our assignments and be a sound group each and every day. We expect to lead the team, because we are a veteran group, so the team can rally around us and we can all work harder."

On your leadership role: "Well, I'm not a vocal guy, so I try to lead by example. Anything I do, I just try to do my best. Sometimes you have to say things, but as far as me, I'm not too much of a rah-rah, loud type of guy. I try to lead by example, push through things and work hard and set a good example for the younger guys."