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CAMP CHATTER: Leigh Tiffin



Aug. 10, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - During preseason football camp, will take fans behind the scenes with various Crimson Tide players. Today, place kicker Leigh Tiffin talks about the life of an Alabama kicker.

On his daily practice: "I'm working on my basic fundamentals and my technique to help me be more consistent this year. We are brushing up on timing and rhythm on live field goals. I've been working all summer. I had a good summer. I'm just trying to carry that over and put the finishing touches on it."

On what defines a successful summer: "Well, I made large improvements on my kickoffs. I think I am going to have a chance to be very consistent on my field goals this year."

On being more consistent to the goal-line on kickoffs: "Well, I don't want to make any predictions, or anything like that, but yeah, I think that's achievable."

On the roles P.J. Fitzgerald (holder) and Brian Selman (snapper) play: "Sometimes, P.J. notices things that I don't necessarily see because we've been together so long. He is really good at picking up things that help me. He is a great holder, too. He really knows what's going on."

On preseason honors: "That doesn't mean a whole lot right now. I've been on both ends of the spectrum as a kicker and I know what can happen, so I'm taking things one week at a time and will try to be more consistent this year."

On your consistency: "I think once you get to a certain level, you're always going to be fairly consistent. You may have a few ups and downs, but not any drastic movements in your game, like you would when you're still a developing player."

On playing in the Georgia Dome against Clemson: "I'm excited about it. I think it's a great opportunity. As far as being a kicker, the conditions do not get any better. I am really looking forward to it."

On your game now compared to this time last year: "I'm a lot more confident now on a lot of different levels, but I'm still approaching it the same way and trying to get better and improve every day."