Countdown to Kickoff
Football Gets Fall Practices Underway


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The University of Alabama football team held its first practice of the season today and was able to get most of its workout in outdoors before moving inside for the final 30 minutes due to lightening in the area.

It was also the first time the coaching staff was able to get a look at the freshman class

"As far as the young guys go, it's a good group," said head coach Mike Shula.  "They're a little lost.  (Glen) Coffee and (Roy) Upchurch got a lot of reps and they looked pretty good, yet they're still not sure what they're doing.  Defensively, Chris Keys had a nice interception.  And again, I think the leadership is much better than it's been, from the older guys."

While Shula said that it was an average day that got a little sloppy towards the end, he felt like the team is mentally farther at this point than in years past.

"Overall, we're farther ahead mentally in all three phases," said Shula.  "Scheme wise we can call more things within our framework."

The team will continue its daily workouts tomorrow through Saturday, before entering its first two-a-day session on Sunday.