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Aug. 8, 2008

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - During preseason football camp, will take fans behind the scenes with various Crimson Tide players. Today, running back Glen Coffee offers insight on the Tide's practice and how things are going at the running back position.

On preseason practice: "Practice has been good. I feel like we are getting a lot of good work and a lot of good reps at every position. We are ready for the season to start. We are trying to get our timing down now that we have the pads on."

On your shoulder injury: "It's better. Sometimes I feel a tweak here and there, but for the most part I'm back to 100 percent."

On the difference in this year's team and last year's team: "It's probably the attitude of the team. It's just a whole new attitude. Last year, I think we had the right attitude; we just didn't have the right attitude in toughness and never giving up in the fourth quarter. We have that under control now."

On where the new attitude came from: "I think you have to honestly look inside yourself.  Coach Saban can only tell us so much.  Every player, as a man, has to look at himself and get it.  I think we've done that."

On team leadership: "The leadership is a lot better.  There is a lot less negativity on the team this year.  Everybody is stepping up.  Everybody wants to improve this season.  Things are a lot better.

On personal goals: "Last year I wanted to be dependable, but this year I want to have more affect on the big plays in the game and have better performances."

On running back position: "In this league, you have to run the football.  You have to run the ball to set up the pass.  I feel like running back will definitely be a strength this year."





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