Countdown to Kickoff
Alabama Players and Coaches Address the Media



Alabama Football Press Conference Quotes
August 7, 2006

Joe Kines, defensive coordinator
On preparing a young defense
“The first thing we have to do is go back to the fundamentals. If you go back and look at last year’s practice schedule, you have to learn to get off the blocks, run to the ball, break to the ball and get lined up right. That wasn’t as big of a problem last year as it will be for us this year. If you get lined up right and play fundamentally sound then everything else takes care of itself.”

On getting close to the beginning of practice
“The last couple of weeks your heart starts beating fast because you know it is time to go. The hardest thing is waiting until tomorrow gets here. We’ve met, the playbooks are ready and the coaches have done a great job with the summer scouting reports so we are ready to go.”

Dave Ungerer, special teams coach
On potential kick returners
“Simeon Castille and DJ Hall will be our most experienced punt return guys. We’re going to look at some pretty talented freshmen at that spot as well. Javier Arenas is a guy that we recruited as a punt-return specialist and a kid that we think is pretty special. We’d really like to take a look at Terry Grant, too, and get his feet on the field as a kick-off returner.”

John Parker Wilson, QB
On areas of improvement this summer
“Right now I’m really working on getting the offense down and working on my timing with the receivers and offensive line. Those have been my two biggest goals for the off season.”

On the progression of the offense
“We progressed a lot as an offense last spring and watching the tape this summer I could definitely tell a difference between the beginning of practice and the end. With camp starting tomorrow, we need to get better throughout the entire camp like we did in the spring.”

Ramzee Robinson, CB
On starting camp
“I’m just real excited about getting started. After the Cotton Bowl I was excited about playing football but I knew the season was over and that we’d have to go through spring training and summer workouts again. Now its here and I’m glad, especially for the young guys because I’m excited about getting to work with them.”

“The most important thing though is the first day. We want to set the tempo for the rest of the season and show everyone what it is going to take to win the national championship.”

On being a leader in the defensive backfield
“I have had the experience, I’ve been here long enough and I know what it takes to be successful, particularly with the schemes we run. It’s something that I recognize and I’m going to lead by example on the field.”

Le’Ron Mclain, FB
On the team’s outlook entering preseason practice:
“We’ve been getting after it the whole summer. The summer went fast, but we just need to keep working hard and get ready to go. We are ready, so I can’t wait to get out there and show what I can do.”

On new quarterback John Parker Wilson:
“He’s been great in the summer passing drills and everyone has confidence in him. If he gets down, it’s our job to pick him up and keep him encouraged. But I look for him to have a great season.”

B.J. Stabler, G
On playing in the new stadium:
“We haven’t thought too much about that, we are mainly focusing in on Hawaii. I’ve thought about it a little bit and we are all looking forward to the new locker rooms and the new addition. It’s going to be exciting.”

On quarterback John Parker Wilson:
“I’ve seen John Parker work really hard this summer. I’ve gotten to trust him a whole lot more throughout the summer and I feel a lot better about playing with him after all of our workouts this summer.”

Kyle Tatum, T
On the incoming freshmen offensive linemen:
“We’ve been doing drills as a unit, but nothing in pads, so it’s kind of hard to tell. I’ve seen some real good technique and some people working hard out there, but they are freshmen. They all look like they have great potential, they have good size and are great athletes and can be real good players. They just need to get some coaching and some experience at the college level, but they all can be great players before it’s over.”