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Coach Shula and Tide Players Appear at SEC Media Days


Wednesday, July 30, 2003

SEC Media Days Shula

Running Back Shaud Williams

On the coaching change:

"The players just stayed together.  It was a hard time for all the players, but we just tried to be there for each other."

On Coach Mike Shula:

"Coach Shula seems like a nice guy and a great offensive coach.  He told the team that he was there to help the team succeed both on and off the field and build a relationship to help the players."

On learning a new offensive system:

"I am very excited to learn Coach Shula's system.  It will not be as difficult as all the things we have been through as a team over the last few months."

On goals for senior season:

"I have talked to all the seniors and, although we can't play in a bowl game or for a national championship, we want to be remembered as the group that helped the program be the best that it can.

On preseason predicitions:

"We are under the radar.  Everyone is doubting our team and program and that just motivates us, as players, to prove ourselves.

SEC Media Days Wortham

Linebacker Cornelius Wortham

On retaining the defensive staff through head coaching change:

"It helped a whole lot. You don't have to learn a completely new system and you feel more relaxed about what you have to do."

On the head coaching change:

"It's going to be a smooth transition for the team. I can't wait to get to practice and learn his terminology and how he runs a team. We wanted the best guy to come in and that's Coach Shula. We're going to put the whole situation with Coach Price behind us and move on."

On what was best about the offseason:

"It was great to see how hard our team worked from May until now. I'm very excited to start the season."

On the first game against South Florida:

"This is a very important game. After Coach Fran left, the administration looked at South Florida's coach as a possible head coaching candidate. Those guys at South Florida have a lot to prove. They're looking for respect and to prove to people that they belong. They don't get the exposure that places like Alabama get."

On this year's schedule:

"I try not to look at it, but I saw myself on the schedule and was intrigued. We have one of the toughest schedules in the nation and I think that says a lot for where this team is and what we feel we can accomplish."