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SEC Football Media Days

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Alabama Player Quotes

Center Antoine Caldwell

On the media attention surrounding head coach Nick Saban:
“It is a little more intense than recent years. It’s not as bad as it is here, but there have been a lot more cameras in Tuscaloosa than last year.”

On the difference between Nick Saban and Mike Shula:
“Coach Saban is really intense. He is fiery, but he is also genuine. If you have a problem, you can go to him and he will sit down with you in his office and talk to you. He comes off as intense, and he is on the field, but he is really genuine.”

On the off-season conditioning program:
“It was tough. He made you toughen up mentality. We shed some pounds and got tough physically. But we focused on the mental aspect of it.

On the changes in the offense:
“Coach Shula’s offense and Coach Saban’s offense are really similar. It has a few more spread-option plays involved. But it is designed to get the ball in the playmakers hands. That makes it similar in that we have the same people to run the offense.”

On quarterback John Parker Wilson:
“John Parker in really intense. He is probably the most focused and intense quarterback I have ever been around. He is always focused on ways to improve his game. And he is really intense on getting everything just right and playing to the best of his ability.”

Defensive Back Simeon Castille

On the summer workout program: 
“You didn’t really have a choice: you either finished or you finished. They wouldn’t let you quit. There was a lot of running. One of things they want us to learn is that you have to outwork your opponent, so they would simulate a lot of that in training. I definitely think it will pay off.”

On Coach Nick Saban’s background with defense and cornerbacks:
 “I’ve been playing defensive back for a long time, but it’s amazing how much he taught me in just one spring. I was excited when I heard he was coming because I knew he was a defense guy. In the spring, I got to see just how involved he was. Every time I, or someone else at defensive back, would do something wrong, he’d be right there to correct us, teaching us what techniques to use.”

On the publicity surrounding his senior year:
 “It’s a blessing. To have my name out there (in preseason publications), as a college football player, that’s what you want. I’m certainly working hard to live up to it and to help our team to victory.”

On the team’s chances:
 “I definitely think we’ll be competitive. A lot of people ask me, ??How do you think Coach Saban will do with it being his first year and all?’ I don’t look at it as his first year, I look at it as my last year, and I want to go out and make this year the best possible. I want us as a team to make as much noise as we possibly can.”

On the difference between former Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines and Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele:
 “It’s a bit different. With Coach Kines, it was more like ??We’re going to have a simple game plan, but we’re going to be good at it.’ Now, there’s more to learn. You have to really get into the playbook.”

On his dad, former Alabama defensive back and NFL defensive back Jeremiah Castille:
 “He’s had the most influence on me, not only in football but in all of life, period. In football, he taught me all about the position, how to play cornerback. Everyone looks at him as one of the best to ever play at Alabama, perhaps the best. I can’t imagine being 5’9’’, 160, and playing cornerback in the SEC and to have had the success he had. I just want to try and leave Alabama like he did.”