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Records Fall at Annual 'Night of Champions' Exhibition: 10 records are broken during Tide's annual weightlifting event


Tuesday, April 30, 2002

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. --- Despite a bout of severe weather that moved through Tuscaloosa late Tuesday afternoon, a crowd of about 1,200 fans were on hand to watch the 2002 edition of Night of Champions.

"It was a big night tonight for our players," said Tide coach Dennis Franchione. "The crowd was encouraging and I think the kids performed well."

A total of 10 records fell during the exhibition, nine weight lifting records and another in the vertical jump exhibition.

"It was gratifying to see how the kids were getting excited about each other," Franchione added, "there were some big lifts out there tonight.  We have made such a big jump since this time last year.  We are ahead of where I thought we would be going into our second season. This was a great way to end this semester of school.

In addition to the record-setting lifts, defensive back Roberto McBride, tight end Theo Sanders, defensive end Antwan Odom and defensive lineman Atlas Herrion were named "Iron Men" for the 2002 season.  The Iron Man Award is based on proportionate amount of weight lifted per pound of body weight.

Setting records Tuesday night were sophomore tailback Josh Smith (465 pounds) and linebacker Cornelius Wortham (480 pounds) in the bench press; defensive tackle Anthony Bryant (755 pounds) and tight end Theo Sanders (550 pounds) in the squat; offensive guard Justin Smiley (415 pounds) and receiver Lance Taylor (365 pounds) in the hang clean and receiver Dre Fulgham (390 pounds), offensive guard Marico Portis (450 pounds) and fullback Nick Signaigo (415 pounds) in the incline press.

Defensive back Waine Bacon had a 42-inch vertical jump for the other record.

Others participating in the event were linebacker Mark Anderson, receiver Brandon Brooks, center J.B. Closner, defensive lineman Jarret Johnson, tight end Clint Johnston, linebacker Juke King, defensive back Anthony Madison, defensive back Charlie Peprah, receiver Lance Taylor and tailback Shaud Williams.