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Update on Alabama Head Football Coach Search


Thursday, May 08, 2003

Mal Moore
Director of Athletics Mal Moore

Update on Head Football Coach Search

What is the current status of the search for a new head football coach?

UA president Dr. Robert Witt and athletics director Mal Moore met with the football team at 6:15 p.m. yesterday. They updated the team on the progress in the search for a new head football coach. Witt and Moore will participate in a teleconference with the news media today at 4:00 p.m. (CDT). Some news outlets plan to carry the teleconference live.

Who is conducting the search?

Moore and Witt are conducting the search. Normally, the athletics director would conduct initial interviews with interviews with the president to follow. To expedite the process, both Moore and Witt are conducting interviews simultaneously.

Who will hire the new coach?

The new coach will report to and be hired by Moore with approval by the president.

What is the timetable for hiring the new coach?

First priority is identifying and hiring the best coach to lead the team during this critical time and into the future. Moore is committed to completing the search as quickly as possible in support of the players. Students are taking final exams through Friday, May 9.

Who are the leading candidates?

Several excellent candidates have been identified for the position. These candidates will be further narrowed as part of a thorough selection process. The University is confident that this process will result in selection of a coach who represents the ideals promoted by the University and will continue the great traditions of the UA football program.

Are minority candidates being considered?

Moore began the process with a fairly long list of possible candidates. He then developed a shorter list of candidates for interviews. Both lists include minority candidates.

Has Jesse Jackson met with Witt or Moore?

Witt spoke with Jackson by phone. He confirmed that the University is considering minority candidates. They had a productive conversation.