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University of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

A-Day Post-Game Quotes

“First of all, I’d like to send thanks to the fans and supporters who made this a really special day. To have however many people as we had today, I thought that brought a lot of self gratification for the efforts the players have given in the last month. The great passion and support that we have at the University of Alabama makes me feel great about being here. I hope that we can continue to channel the energy in a positive way to get where we want to go and continue to build this program into something special that represents the state of Alabama and the University of Alabama in a positive way. I really appreciate the fans and appreciate the enthusiasm and support that we had today. I know that it inspired our players. It was positive for them to have the experience that they had today in playing in front of a great crowd.”

“The game itself we were very pleased with. First of all you never want to get anybody hurt in spring practice and the spring game. We had two guys get shoulder injuries today, Glen Coffee and Charles Hoke, they are not bad as we see it right now, we’ll give another report later on. We don’t think it is anything serious.”

“The discipline and execution was appropriate. We dropped some balls, the tackling was pretty good for the most part and we didn’t make a lot of mental errors. The game was pretty simple, relative to the things that we did on the running plays, passing plays and defensive pressure that we had. It made the players focused, play with discipline, have fun, focus and compete. When we decided to play the best against the best and the twos against the twos, we wanted to put our team in the most competitive situation they could be in. The purpose of this game was to help our team improve for the fall. We felt that the thing that was going to enhance our chances to improve the best was to put them into the toughest competitive situation for each individual player.”

“I was overall pleased with the way the game went and pleased with the progress we made this spring. I’m not satisfied with where we are, but the focus today was on each individual player being able to focus on that particular individual play. You don’t look at the scoreboard when you are a competitor. The score of the game only counts when the game is over. It may affect the strategy of what you do, but it can’t affect you as a competitor if you don’t play any different when you are behind or when you are ahead. You need to be able to focus on the next play. If everyone says you need to be able to play 60 minutes of the game, then how about being able to play every play in the game for 60 minutes. That is what we are talking about, focus on the next play. You never know when the defining play is coming, so you have to focus and you cannot lay off. We had some of that today. We had some guys get tired and get beat. You don’t focus on what you want to accomplish, you want to focus on what you have to do to accomplish it.”

Player Quotes


#14 John Parker Wilson

“I thought the atmosphere was awesome. We all expected a lot but we definitely didn’t expect all of this.  The fan support was awesome.  Over the course of the game we looked up and saw everybody.  We were standing around thinking ??Man, there are a lot of people here’.  We didn’t expect that many people or to see that type of support. 

“I think we did good today.  Offensively, we took care of the ball.  We handled it without turning it over.  We were able to score some points offensively.  It was a good day.  I thought today was definitely one of our better days.  We were able to take care of the ball.  We didn’t have any interceptions and hardly any fumbles.”

#11 Matt Caddell

“The atmosphere was just terrific.  When I saw the fans out there it definitely made me want to play exceptionally well.  Just to have the fan support.  We all want to thank the fans for coming out today and supporting us.”

“Pre-game we didn’t do as well.  As the game went on we started to click more as two teams.  Two units.  That was basically the best thing of the day, we came together as a team.”

“We just have to have everybody in conditioning.  We have to start working as one,  just coming together as a team.  We have a lot to learn.  We have to learn the offense and the defense better.”

Most Valuable Player - #22 DJ Hall

“It is exciting for me to win the MVP. It is always exciting to win an award like that. I was blessed enough to win it last year also. I use today as motivation and try not to get uncomfortable in the position I am in. I just try to get better everyday and help the team get better. We can always get better. I feel we did good learning a new offense. I think over the summer we will progress and we will be a powerful offense.”

Offensive Lineman Award - #59 Antoine Caldwell

“It feels good to win the Offensive Lineman Award. I am blessed and glad I had the opportunity to win it. I am very impressed with how everything is going around here, I am very appreciative. The fan support today was amazing. I have always thought there are no other fans like that of Alabama. That’s why I love playing here. That is why I wanted to come here. They are always behind us no matter what we do, both home and away.”

“I feel like I played pretty well. There are always things I can do better. I generally judge myself harder than anyone else does. I feel the offensive line as a unit played well today. We just have to keep building on what we have learned and keep working. We have to take what we have learned this spring, which is a lot, and carry it over into the summer and this season.”

#92 Wallace Gilberry

“It was definitely a fun day. The fans were great! I would like to thank the fans for coming out and supporting us like they did. It was really like a game atmosphere. Both sides of the ball played hard. Each group, both first and second time offense and defense, got a lot done today. But we know what we have to do to get us in a position to win in the games next year. It is going to be a good summer. My performance could have been better but at the same time I am doing a lot of learning. Overall, I would give myself a C+. Now, we have to go back to the drawing board and just be able to open it up and go hard at every play.”

#2 Simeon Castille

“It made it exciting having 92,000 people at A-Day.  It’s ridiculous. I never could have imagined that there would be that many people but it made it more fun for both teams.  We just wanted to go out there and show how hard we’ve been working. I think both teams played well.  I think we (the defense), did alright.  There were just a couple of times where we had some miscommunications but we were just running simple calls and overall I think we played pretty well.”

#94 Keith Saunders

“I think we did well.  We ran to the ball, played hard, and played physical.  It’s fun like it is everyday.  Just taking what you practice and taking it out to the field  I think I progressed pretty well during the spring.  Just understanding the defense and then going out an executing.  Taking I from the meeting room to the practice field.  Today was exciting; I just thank the fans for coming out.  It’s a great experience, game like atmosphere.  I love it!