Countdown to Kickoff
Alabama Football Holds A-Day Game at Bryant-Denny Stadium


Saturday, March 20, 2004

Tim Castille
Tim Castille

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Scoring Summary (A-Day Game)
March 20, 2004 at Bryant-Denny Stadium






Tim Castille 39 yard TD rush (Brian Bostick PAT) -- 8 plays, 80 yards, 2:30 TOP



Brandon McAway 2 yard TD Rush (Mike McLaughlin PAT) -- 8 plays, 55 yards



Marcus McKnight 30 yard TD pass from Marc Guillon (McLaughlin PAT) -- 5 plays, 65 yards

Attendance: 35,000 (estimated)

A-DAY Awards:

Dwight Stevenson MVP Lineman: Todd Bates

Dixie Howell Memorial Award (MVP of game): Tim Castille


Lee Roy Jordan Headhunter: Roman Harper
Jerry Duncan "I Like to Practice": Ramzee Robinson
Billy Neighbors Most Improved Defensive Lineman: Todd Bates
Bobby Johns Most Improved Defensive Back: Ramzee Robinson
Paul Crane Most Improved Offensive Lineman: Danny Martz
Ray Perkins Most Improved Receiver: Matt Caddell
Johnny Musso Most Improved Offensive Back: Tim Castille
Sylvester Croom Commitment to Excellence: DeMeco Ryans
Woodrow Lowe Most Improved Linebacker: Demarcus Waldrop
Ozzie Newsome Most Improved Freshman: Tyrone Prothro
Bart Starr Most Improved Quarterback: Marc Guillon
"Bear" Bryant Best Non-Scholarship Award: Bryan Kilpatrick
Derrick Thomas Community Award: Brodie Croyle
Mal Moore Leadership Award: Roman Harper
Dwight Stephenson MVP Lineman of the A-Day game: Todd Bates
Dixie Howell Memorial Award (A-Day MVP): Tim Castille


Alabama Head Coach Mike Shula

"We got through the A-Day game I think pretty much injury free. Our first-team offense went against our first-team defense. They pretty much shut them out. I think today was an example of our guys who have stepped it up lately. I think overall we've made some strides. I don't think we're anywhere near our finished product."

"We're going to look hard at the freshmen for some depth. We had one freshman who started last year. We might have that or maybe more in the fall."

"I think for all of us (today) helps with comfort level, being in all three systems and calling certain plays. It helps us develop our relationship with our players. It helps us come to understand them better."

"Tim Castille continues to get better and better. He's going to play both positions. I still don't think we know how good he can be. There's no ceiling on that."

"I thought Bo Freeland did a nice job. He's kicked pretty consistently all spring."

(on QB Mark Guillon) "What I didn't like was he made a couple of bad decisions. He made a couple of throws before he saw what the defense had set up. I think what I like most about Mark is he really doesn't let anything rattle him."

(on Todd Bates) "We're going to expect a lot of consistency and a lot of good performance from him. That's what this team needs is a lot of consistent players like him."

(on the kicking unit) "We've got to continue to work on that. It's a three-man operation; snapper, holder and kicker."

(on the quarterbacks) "It's hard to make any changes when guys are hurt. But there is going to be competition at that position."

"Our offense has improved since day one. I think we've running the ball better with our offensive line. Now, we still have some work to do with our pass protection."

Defensive End #56 Todd Bates

"Today just felt great. After what I've been through this past year, just to hear the fans screaming that they want me back playing just feels great."


"It's great, it's a high honor. The way I look at it, I'm just doing my job, I didn't do anything spectacular, I just did my job."

Running Back #19 Tim Castille

"During the Christmas break, I knew I wanted to play tailback, and I knew I had to come out and prove that I could play it. Today was just great. The offensive line really blocked well today, they stepped up and made holes. With our [running] backs that we have, all we have to do is just run."

Quarterback #18 Marc Guillon

"We just tried to go out there and do our thing today. We did some good things and some bad things, but overall we have improved a lot this spring. We have the whole off-season to improve and get ready for the fall.


"It was all right, I had some misreads on my part, and there were some on the receivers parts. There were a lot of things I could have done better and that I'm going to have to improve on."

Defensive Back #26 Charlie Peprah

"Spring practice went really well. People that needed to step up did.  Guys like (Ramzee) Robinson, (Anthony) Madison, (Tyrone) Prothro and (Todd) Bates did a great job.  We are motivated because we can finally play for something.  All of our hard work will pay off in the fall.  Today, I saw both good and bad.  When one side does good, that means the other side did something bad.  We are excited about our progress but not done getting better."

Defensive End #92 Wallace Gilberry

"Offense had some great drives today and defense did great as well.  I came out average.  My feet and hands are getting better, but it's going to be a long summer and I have a lot of work to do.  The team is coming along great.  We are going to work hard and get stronger.  We are ready to play for a championship."