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A-Day in Photos: Tide Wraps Up Successful Spring Practice


Saturday, March 19, 2005

2005 A-Day Game 01
Brandon Brooks dives to try to catch a long pass as Justin Ballard defends.

2005 A-Day Game 02
Kyle Bennett catches a swing pass as Roman Harper closes in.

2005 A-Day Game 03
Theo Townsend fights his way for tough yardage in the middle.

2005 A-Day Game 04
Simeon Castille brings down Theo Townsend with a perfect form tackle.

2005 A-Day Game 05
Marcus McKnight tries to make an over-the-shoulder catch as Castille defends.

2005 A-Day Game 16
Coach Shula chats with a referee about the format of the scrimmage.

2005 A-Day Game 06
Antoine Caldwell and J.B. Closner await the next play.

2005 A-Day Game 07
Antoine Caldwell and Kyle Tatum try to give their quarterback time to throw.

2005 A-Day Game 21
John Parker Wilson scrambles away from the pressure.

2005 A-Day Game 08
Mookie Chaney looks for some running room.

2005 A-Day Game 09
John Parker Wilson takes the snap from J.B. Closner.

2005 A-Day Game 10
Juwan Simpson points out an amusing play to Coach Shula.

2005 A-Day Game 11
Marc Guillon looks for an open receiver.

2005 A-Day Game 12
Coach Charlie Harbison talks with receivers Keith Brown and Marcus McKnight.

2005 A-Day Game 13
Roman Harper and Curtis Dawson gang-tackle ballcarrier Aaron Johns.

2005 A-Day Game 14
Coach Shula talks with John Parker Wilson.

2005 A-Day Game 15
Mal Moore recognizes A-Club members at halftime.

2005 A-Day Game 17
Coach Shula enjoys the finale of his second spring practice at Alabama.

2005 A-Day Game 18
Coach Shula chats with senior quarterback Brodie Croyle on the sideline.

2005 A-Day Game 19
Coach Shula is interviewed by Tom Roberts for the radio broadcast.

2005 A-Day Game 20
Coach Shula smiles he watches the action.

2005 A-Day Game 22
John Parker Wilson and Brodie Croyle chat on the sideline.