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A-Day in Photos: Tide Fans Participate in A-Day Activities


Saturday, March 19, 2005

2005 A-Day Fan Day 01
A Tide fan poses for a picture with quarterback Brodie Croyle at Fan Day. 

2005 A-Day Fan Day 02
Juwan Garth and Roman Harper sign autographs for fans at Fan Day.

2005 A-Day Fan Day 03
Freddie Roach is surrounded by fans as he signs autographs.

2005 A-Day Fan Day 04
Coach Shula signs autographs for Tide fans.

2005 A-Day Activities 10
Coach Shula addresses TIDE PRIDE members at their annual A-Day luncheon.

2005 A-Day Activities 11
Coach Shula talks to the fans during the luncheon.

2005 A-Day Activities 06
Athletic Director Mal Moore addresses the A-Club.

2005 A-Day Activities 07
Coach Shula talks to A-Club members at their annual luncheon.

2005 A-Day Activities 08
Coach Shula talks about the upcoming season at the A-Club gathering.

2005 A-Day Activities 09
Coach Shula welcomes Tide fans to the annual Walk of Fame ceremony.

2005 A-Day Activities 05
Coach Shula with 2004 team captains Todd Bates and Wesley Britt.

2005 A-Day Activities 01
Todd Bates has his foot cast in the cement around Denny Chimes.

2005 A-Day Activities 02
Todd Bates adds his hand to the Walk of Fame among other Tide legends.

2005 A-Day Activities 03
Wesley Britt has his foot cast in the Walk of Fame.

2005 A-Day Activities 04
Wesley Britt's hand is added to the monument.