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Player Quotes: Hiring of Nick Saban as Head Coach




Antoine Caldwell

“I am very excited.  We have been through a period of uncertainty the last month or so and we finally have some stability.  Coach Moore said all along he was going to find us a proven coach with winning record and he has done that with Coach Saban.  I feel like he is the right man for the job and he will be good in getting Alabama back on track.  I am not just saying this, but the Dolphins are my favorite NFL team and I watch them every week.  I watch him on the sidelines and he is really into the game.  He has a great knowledge of the game of football, plus he won a national championship at LSU.  I think he is a good fit for us here at Alabama.”

Bobby Greenwood

“I’m really excited. I took a recruiting trip to LSU and went to several of his camps.  He is a real down to business guy and he knows what he wants. He can get the very best out of his players and he works real hard.  We had a lot of trust that Dr. Witt and Coach Moore would bring us the best coach possible and you can’t ask for anyone better than Coach Saban, who comes from the Miami Dolphins and brings a national championship from LSU.  We are all excited.”

John Parker Wilson

“I’m very excited.  All of the guys are very glad to have Coach Saban coming to Alabama.  He has won a lot of football games and he won the national championship at LSU.  That makes it even more exciting for us.  We have a lot of guys coming back on offense and I think we have an excellent chance to make a run at it, especially with Coach Saban.”