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Alabama Football vs. Auburn Postgame Quotes



Nov. 24, 2012

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Head Coach Nick Saban

Opening statement:

“I was really proud of the way our players competed in the game today. We really executed well offensively in the first half. They had a lot of shifts in motion, and our defensive players did a good job of adjusting. We played well in the game. I felt great about the seniors being able to close out their career here with a pretty memorable victory for them. This is a great rivalry game, and for our players to be able to win this game is always a big thing for our fans, our players and all of our supporters. I was really pleased with the way we played in the game. We had some outstanding performances today. Eddie Lacy did a good job, the offensive line did a good job and AJ McCarron had a good game today. Amari Cooper had some big catches. This was a great team victory. Everybody contributed. We asked for everyone to play their best game today. When you make a commitment to something, it comes from the heart, and I really thought our players did that. Our players did a good job of that today and competed well in the game. A lot of players got to play, which is a good thing. Kenny Bell is going to be out. He’s going to have a rod put in his tibia. He’s got a broken leg. Doc thinks it’s probably five to six weeks with that injury before he can start running. He’s going to be out. Brandon Ivory twisted his ankle. I think he will be ok. Everybody else that didn’t go back in the game didn’t really have a significant injury. We feel good about that. I think it’s great for our team that we won the (SEC) West. This is a very competitive division with a lot of good teams. I’d certainly like to congratulate all the coaches, everybody who contributes to the organization and program, for doing a great job in every way that they contributed. It’s a great opportunity to play a really good team in the University of Georgia in the SEC Championship game. To me, in all those games that I’ve been a part of, they are about as good as any game in the country other than the national championship game. Georgia has a really good team and is playing really well right now. I don’t know how they did today, but it will be a great opportunity for our players to have a chance to play against a really good team for the SEC Championship.”

On the offensive line in today’s game:

“We did a great job. I thought they got a hat on a hat. We had a good plan. We went a little up-tempo to avoid having bad plays and everybody did a good job of executing; AJ McCarron especially getting us in the right play and the offensive line making the right adjustments, to get a hat on a hat. We were effective running, had pretty good protection most of the time when we threw it, we made some explosive plays both ways. I think the offensive line contributed to that significantly.”

On how AJ McCarron got the offense in the right plays:

“We are trying to go at a particular look – two high safeties, safety down or whatever it is. Sometimes it’s run-to-run or sometimes it’s run-to-pass, but he is a pretty bright guy and he did a pretty good job. I thought we had a good plan and he does a good job of executing. We have a lot of faith, trust and confidence in him and he gets it communicated to the other players, and we didn’t have very many mental errors in trying to do it.” 

On Alabama’s success on third down today:

“I think that it’s a real key to being successful when you have success on third down and extend drives. Time of possession is critical and I thought we did a really good job offensively today. A couple of those we checked to certain plays based on the look that they had and it worked out well for us that we were able to go 11-for-14 on third downs, that’s good. A lot of times when you have those situations it’s because you don’t have third and long, so what you did on first and second down contributes to that as well because the chances are a lot of converting when it’s third-and-five or less. AJ was accurate with the ball, we did a good job of getting open and made some good catches. That was probably a real key thing for us to extend drives.”

On the defense’s progress on third down:

“Early in the game I thought we gave up a couple of third downs on some missed executions. Two in a row actually, and that was a little bit disturbing because we had a good coverage called for the patterns that they ran and we didn’t execute very well. I think that we are going to have to do a better job on that because we are getting them into third down and eight or nine, you have to get off the field a high percentage of the time. A couple of those today, one was third and eight and one was third and nine, and they made good throws and good catches, but at the same time we had a good coverage to be able to take away what they did.”

#28 Dee Milliner, Defensive Back

On the effectiveness of the defense against Auburn:

“We just came out and tried to compete at the highest level as we could against Auburn, a good team. Their record doesn’t matter; they fought hard the whole game. It’s just good to get a shutout. We try to do that each week. We came out and executed the game plan that Coach (Saban) had for us, and we did a great job of it.”

On preparing for the SEC Championship:

“It always helps when you get a win like this. It carries over to the next week. Hopefully we can keep it going to the next week at practice and in the game and just come out and compete like we did today.”

#83 Kevin Norwood, Wide Receiver

On the execution of the offense:

“It was Senior Day, and we just wanted to send our seniors out with a bang, so as an offense we knew we had to do our job this week and make plays.”

On his performance against Auburn:

“It feels great of course, but we still have work to do, so we have to get back to work and get ready for Georgia.”

#65 Chance Warmack, Offensive Line

On the play of the offense in tonight’s game:

“We had a good week of practice in terms of preparation for the game and Coach (Saban) always says when you have a good week of practice it shows. It’s a wonderful thing when everyone is clicking on all cylinders and everybody knows what everyone else is going to do and they know the scheme. When you practice well, you play well.”

On the upcoming SEC Championship game against Georgia:

“Georgia is a really physical team, and we know going into this game that we are going to have to do a lot of new things in terms of practicing the scheme and figuring out what they are going to offer us in terms of defense. We should be ready for that challenge.”

#37 Robert Lester, Defensive Back

On getting a win on Senior Night against Auburn:

“Being Senior Night and playing in front of the fans here is great. To beat Auburn the way that we did and have just about an excellent game is great and it gives you momentum going into such a hard game next week.”

On his interception:

“I think that it was more of them having a bad play than me making a good play. I was able to be in the right place at the right time and was able to make a play.”

On preparing for Georgia:

“We are going to have to go into that game like we came into this game. We are going to have to focus on not having that many mental errors and executing the game plan just about to perfection.”

Head Coach Gene Chizik

Opening statement:

“Obviously, that was a very disappointing and embarrassing loss to our in-state rivals. It was obvious to everybody. It was a sad performance and the Auburn fans and the Auburn alumni don’t deserve that. We did all the classic things in a football game that you can’t do and expect to win. We just got beat. We weren’t very efficient offensively, we certainly weren’t very efficient defensively and special teams we were very sporadic as well. Again, a very poor performance.”

On influence of the rivalry on the outcome:

“We’ve got to coach better. We’ve got to play better. They just soundly beat us tonight. That’s it.”

On if the program is as bad as the play indicates:

“It’s up to the eye of the beholder. There’s times when we’ve played well. There’s times when we’ve played extremely poor. Again, that goes back to us coaching better and us playing better.”

On what positives can be taken from the season:

“There weren’t many. I think we have to go back and really look at it and see what positives we can pull out of it. Any time you’re in a 3-9 season, it’s really hard to tell you, ‘I can think of a lot of positives’ because there just weren’t many.”

#21, Tre Mason, Running Back

On getting beat:

“It’s really frustrating, but we dug ourselves into a hole. Next year, we just have to put the pieces to the puzzle together.”

On if there was any quit in the team or if the talent gap was just that wide:

“I don’t think there was any quit. That was a well-coached team and they’re really good. We lost to a really good team.”

#5 Jake Holland, Middle Linebacker

On having a legitimate chance coming into this game:

“Yes, of course, we practice to win every week. We had a good game plan going in and we were confident. We just didn’t get it together.”

On what needs to change in Auburn’s football program:

“We need to win, it’s plain and simple. It’s obvious, but as far as a player’s perspective, each player needs to complete their assignments. We need to come together as a team in the off-season and get faster and better.”

On VanGorder taking over as the Defensive Coordinator:

“I really like his defense and it is a good system. Any time a coach comes into their first year with a new system its tough, but we took it on and we are going to get better with it over the year”